How do you plan handicraft time?

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    I am beginning CM methods with my oldest. He is 6 years old and I am wondering if you plan a specific time for handicrafts. I thought that my son would really like weaving on a potholder loom, so I purchased one. When we opened it up, he wanted to work on it the rest of the day. Should I encourage him to work on it as much as he wants and whenever he wants, or should I set a more structured time for work on handicrafts? I am excited about his enthusiasm, but at the same time I do not want him to tire quickly and lose interest. Any advice?


    For day one or even the first week I would let him at it.  After that I would encourage him to do handicrafts a few times a week for shorter time, and by then he likely will have gotten over the novelty and be willing to do that.

    My kids still go in phases where they spend hours doing a handicraft and then after a few days/weeks they won’t pick it up for a month.  It really depends on the child and what works well for them.  One of mine is the opposite, he likes his handicrafts in short, slow, regular doses and never binges on crafting for hours.


    I’m thrilled when my DC work on handicrafts!  As long as it doesn’t get in the way of chores, school, or family time, I’m all for it.   My kids usually work on things in spurts, then take a break from it (or move onto another handicraft).  I schedule some of their handicrafts, but I also encourage them to work on their own things outside of school time.

    In your situation, I’d be fine with lots of time spent weaving.


    My oldest is 6 as well and one thing we do is have what I call “Quiet Table Time” for the 30 minutes before dinner. This has turned out to be a great time for handicrafts. My DS6 likes to do perler beads. He makes ornaments and magnets and things like that. My DD4 makes bead necklaces and things. Many times they just sit and color, but it gives them a chance to be creative if they like and it gives me a chance to get all the last minute dinner prep done.

    My DS6 sometimes sits and works on projects and sometimes goes into another room to play with Legos. I have certain things in the cabinet that just come out for this part of the day so it stays special for them.

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