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    I am trying to plan our K year but I am not getting anywhere.  I think it is honestly because I have too many choices and therefore can’t make myself to commit to anything.  We want to do some American History and I am having a hard time deciding which books to use.  Science, same issue.   I really like the K Science suggestions from Old Fashioned Education (The History of Insects, The Insect Folk, The Burgess Animal Book for Children, and the Birgess Bird Book for Children) but also the living science books in Sonlight’s P4/5 (I think there are 8 of them).  I don’t think we’d be able to do all of them.  Charlotte Mason suggested fewer books of quality right?  It is the same problem with every subject!  How do you choose?!


    Ask your Father.  He is the one calling you to do this.  He has a plan.  Your child is still very, very young.  What do you really, at your heart, think is most important?  Which book you use for science?  Perhaps if you reflect on your child, what makes him or her tick, what delights him or her, decide what attitude you want your child to have when you begin more serious work later—perhaps then you’ll be able to make some choices more easily.


    following!! lol, i just logged on because i am completely having the same problem planning our first K year….i bought the Planning your CM Education book….and i have been “stuck” on planning Our Year for the past three weeks, i know what subjects i want to do, but….choosing resources… many decisions!of course life has been very busy too and i just have not had any time to sit down and focus for more than an hour at a time….but still. How do you choose?

    with much prayer i am thinking…:)

    i am interested in many of the same resources as you, HSMom03, and it is those same two topics i am having the most trouble narrowing down:)

    i am leaning toward just going with whatever resources i have already at home (living books purchased at thrift stores etc..the past several years) and adding in some free gutenburg books i really like, but of course we have an AMAZING library by us and so so much is available…free:)


    Bookworm – Ask your Father… love it!  As well as the rest of your reply!

    rejoiceevermore13 – We’ll have to keep in touch!  This is so hard.  I did something similar and made a list of everything we already had.  Still I don’t know!  If I choose one set of books, we miss out on others.  Can’t do them all I guess.  I’ve been considering the same thing as you though – books we already have, free gutenburg books, plus the library… our library is amazing too!  So grateful!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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