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    I have read the past Economics posts in this forum and will be starting my 8th grader with the first book in the Uncle Eric series.  I will add in other books recommended in the coming years.  How did you schedule Economics?  Once a week?  Twice?  Did you ask for a written narration?  Anything else.  I just need to put a plan in place now.    Thanks ladies!


    I didn’t answer for sometime because I did economics a little differently but since you don’t have any other answers. Last year we did a little class with four kids but I love econ so I kind of put it together. We read Extreme Economies one semester and Capitalism and Freedom the second semester and learned basic economics terms and math equations at but that is probably a lot for 8th grade. We also listened to and used terms from the high school guide at Most of this material was made for adults so I’m not specifically recommending, just saying.

    I hope that we get to read more about different kinds of theory rather than one perspective but we also ran out of time.

    I personally prefer reading the same subject and rotating subjects we do rather than reading a subject once a week. Some people would rather do a large number of subjects and spread them out but I feel it is easier to get into a subject if we aren’t spread too thin. Really, that is a matter of preference and personality to though.




    So sorry it took me so long to respond.  Thanks so much for your feedback.  I will be looking into the resources you recommended.  Thank you!


    Before highschool, we are using The Tuttle Twins books for economics.

    We study economics in 12th grade with Uncle Eric books. One of my kids used some of the Bluestocking guides that go with the books, and the others either did written narrations or discussed the book with me(which I already read). I would do at least some discussion because economics is a good one for that.

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