Homeschooling my ASD child

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    This will be my third year to homeschool my autistic son, who is soon to be 11. I have been stressing out over deciding on the coming year’s curriculum…it seems to be creeping up on me again. From what I have been reading about the CM method, I really feel like this will be very helpful for us. But I do have some questions:

    1). Is there a placement test for the subjects? There didn’t seem to be, but still thought I’d ask.

    2). Is this material generally a higher level than standard workbooks, or close to the same? Since my son is autistic, he isn’t 100% on his real grade level.

    3). Are there other materials that need to be purchased? I noticed that you can build a package that’s only about $40. The past two years, we have spent $100’s on curriculum that ended up being too stressful and counter-productive for my son.




    Sonya did a video a few months ago about doing CM with special needs. She has a daughter with autism.

    All the SCM products have samples so you can get an idea of what you’re buying.

    Karen Smith

    All of our lesson plan books require additional purchases. For example, if you purchase one of the Enrichment Studies books you will need to purchase the art portfolios, the music study portfolios, the poet book, etc. that are scheduled in that book. You can find a complete list of materials needed for each lesson plan book in the sample. Feel free to substitute resources you already own for any of the required resources. For example, if you already own a good hymnbook you may choose to use that instead of our Singing the Great Hymns book.

    As for what grade level to use for your child, place him according to his abilities. We advocate teaching the child, not the curriculum.

    There are several articles on teaching children with special needs in our Learning Library. You may find those helpful.


    My 14 year old is on the spectrum, along with dyslexia. I really didn’t fully understand what was going on until 6th grade when she was tested, although I knew about the dyslexia and math deficit in 3rd. We’ve tried so many different curricula over the years, and had the same thing happen as you stated. Finally now, starting her 8th grade, I have peace about not needing to finish a certain amount of work in a year. I would want to try to ‘catch her up’ because she is well below ‘grade level’. So, I just frustrated her, trying to do too much. The important thing is that there is progress being made. Like was already said, teach your son where he’s at, and at a pace that is good for him. Don’t worry about levels. The psychologist recommended focusing on life skills, so we are heading into a somewhat different path in her education.

    I read Uniquely Human. It is a book recommended by Sonya. That has been a big help to me. I want to read the other articles on here that were mentioned. Sonya knows firsthand what we are dealing with, so I trust whatever advice she gives. I only wish I would have had this information when my daughter was younger.

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