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    I am having a really hard time motivating my 7yo to work when others in the house are not. I have an almost 4 yo and I babysit a 4yo. Often, I want to start schoolwork when the littles are playing, and my 7yo throws a fit. The day just starts off on the wrong foot and we never fully recover. I also babysit in the afternoon, and she does the same thing then if we have not finished our work. Is there a way to approach this that I haven’t thought of? I remind her that last year, she was at school all day and never got to play with the kids, but this is a moot point right now. I am really frustrated and need some words of advice. Has anyone else gone through this?



    We’ve had situations like this periodically (like when child A is sick on the sofa watching a video and children B,C,D…are expected to do school work). The thing that caught my eye was your comment that she throws a fit. You would treat that the same as you treat any defiance of authority it would seem.

    As for encouragement, you may find some in Laying Down the Rails (I keep recommending that book; people may be tired of hearing me do that but it is helpful). Also a timer may help and then allowing the consequence/reward to kick in. Planning something for after the work is done can be helpful. Allowing her to ‘student teach’ as she is able would give her the ability to combine school and play. Having the littles lay down for a nap or quiet time could help. Perhaps you could allow the little ones to take part in the lessons as much as you can.

    We have little ones and so I am thinking how we get along, not necessarily because the older ones want to play with them, but because younger ones need their momma. Often, what it boils down to is getting the work out of the way and so how can I do that without letting them roam? You have the opposite issue, but I think the tools can be the same. I’m sure others will have great ideas to share.



    Sonya Shafer

    Tammy just posted a great summary of several CM ways you can help a child overcome a tendency to pitch a fit. Maybe one of the ideas there will be another tool you can use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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