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    Has anyone ever heard of this and/or used it?  The site has a section dedicated to high school courses and it looks somewhat interesting.  Probably not necessarily CM-friendly, but possibly helpful?

    Please share your thoughts & thank you in advance for taking the time to look it over.  Smile


    Hello fellow high school homeschoolers!  Doesn’t somebody have an opinion on this that they want to share??



    I’m sorry no one answered you!  I hate that too.  I’ll give it a shot and maybe (this post is pretty old) you’ll see it.

    I looked at the site.  I read the “who are we” and then I read the Freshman year plan, looking at the links it takes you to.

    I think she’s doing what she intended with the site … something a lot of CM moms on here do too – trying to take what they’ve done or learned and leave it out there to save someone else the trouble.  In that regard she’s done a nice job.  Anytime links are gathered and organized, I consider that a good thing!

    I’ve seen and used Glencoe literature study guides before and I see she links to a lot of those for the Freshman year.  I’m not familiar with the other links.

    The biggest planning tips I have for middle and high school-

    • What is your goal – graduation and a job, or college, or technical training?
    • Check requirements.
    • Write it down on paper with a pencil year by year.
    • Raid your bookshelves (also a great time to rid them of excess)
    • See what you’ve got.  See what you need.
    • Jot it all down year by year and see where the gaps fall.
    • Fill in from there – researching and seeking advice
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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