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    Y’all, I feel like I’m going to lose my mind! I don’t know how to keep a home with smooth and easy days when mamma is having hormonal swings! 🙂

    I’m so burned out with school. I still have little kids (youngest is almost 6). I am HATING school days right now. How do you recharge and keep it doable when your hormones decide to turn on you????


    I hear you! The past couple of years have been tough on me, hormonally. I’ve found that my top priority has to be my time with the Lord and that it has to be in the morning so that I start my day on solid ground. After that, exercise and watching what I eat help the most along with taking evening primrose oil and using natural progesterone cream. I also find protein in the morning to be a crucial ingredient in balancing my moods.

    Caffeine can also exacerbate the problem. I used to be a die hard coffee drinker but I have switched from several large cups of coffee to several small cups of black tea a day and it has been a game changer. Also, I try not to have caffeine after 3 P.M. at the latest. None after 2 is better.

    All of these things together have made a huge difference for me. I also want to add that I try to focus on having a thankful and content heart and on keeping “the law of kindness” on my tongue (from Proverbs 31). I fail constantly but I try to keep the goals in mind. Counting my blessings helps tremendously.

    For some reason, I thought you were much younger than me! I guess because your kids are quite a bit younger than mine. I certainly don’t feel old enough to be dealing with this! Lol! It is very hard some days. Try to be gentle on yourself and give yourself lots of grace. Try to take time for yourself when you can-a walk or a long soak in the tub can work wonders! Especially long soaks in the tub with Epsom salts! The magnesium from the salts really helps to relax tense muscles.

    You will be in my prayers! Please keep me in yours! 🙂


    I’m with ya!  I’m using Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, and doing well  Diet and exercise help too.

    I am biased, because I sell oils too.  I’m on YouTube as Oil Nerd.

    I hope you find some relief!


    Following this post… I’m 52 with a 2 year-old and a 4 year-old… and 29 & 31 year-olds and 6 grandkids! (We adopted the two little guys.) Hormonal days are tough… I’ve always felt a little better if I take lots of B vitamins (B6 especially), and recently found that Shatavari can help balance hormones.

    Kim 😊


    Y’all, thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to know I’m not alone and you are all surviving!

    I’ve been taking some Evening Primrose Oil, but I probably need more. I’m actually a certified aromatherapist and had forgotten to get out my oils.

    I do need to work on gratitude. It’s so easy to focus on the stress and not see our blessings!



    Hey, thought I would chime in here, even though its a couple of month later. I’m in my early 50s and for “men”-o-pause 🙂 I try some of the type of ideas mentioned here, and I use “Natpro” cream (link here:

    This works for me. I just put some on my skin in the am and sometimes in pm if I need more. Don’t have the super mood swings, hot flashes, etc.

    If you try it, make sure to read their full instructional pamphlet that they send with the product, as well as their info section on their site. They usually do well with the package deliveries.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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