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    My husband is flying to British Columbia tomorrow to work on the plans for a job (alternative energy).  He’s been working out of state for about 18 months and it is his intention to take us with him for this job.  Can anyone point me in the direction for home school laws in Canada?  Would they pertain us, as American citizens with work visas?  We are registered in Colorado as an independent school through CHEC for this school year (completed the paperwork before this job opportunity presented itself). I have not had much success finding information, and what I did find was difficult to understand.  We will be in a rural area about 900 miles north of the Washington border.

    Hi.  Have you tried this website?

    It may be helpful.  Also, you may try the homeschool legal defence association’s Canadian website.




    Michelle Kelly

    Thank you Marie!  I wasn’t aware that HSLD had a Canadian website and the other link was helpful 🙂


    Hi Michelle!

    You are almost in my neck of the woods!! I am on Vancouver Island, and have lots of friends in Northern BC who homeschool. You will love it up here, very wild:)

    As far as hsrules go, you should be covered by the rules of your state. BC is pretty good with hschool legality and as residents we have to either register or enroll our kids every year, with some form of governing body. Independent, public, private schools all are OK. So if you are legal in Co. and they are OK with you coming here, you should be fine. We have lots of folks who hschool out of province for fishing, etc and it is pretty normal in the north to move around a lot:)

    Where will you be living? Good luck with the move!


    Michelle Kelly


    How exciting!  My husband returned to Montana tonight and now we start the waiting for all the paper to fly and orders to be made.   It looks like he will work near Fort Scott this fall and maybe we’ll follow next spring. 

    ~ Michelle

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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