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    A Grain of Rice – Pittman pb, GC .50

    Call it Courage – Sperry, pb, GC $0.50 each (3 copies)

    Captive Treasure – Howard pb, new $1.50

    Cyrano de Bergerac – translated by Hooker – pb, good to fair $1.50

    The Farmer Boy – Wilder pb excellent like-new condition $2.00

    George Washington Young Leader Stevenson – pb, GC $1.50

    Joan of Arc – Ross pb, excellent condition $1.00

    Let the Circle Be Unbroken – Taylor pb, very good condition $1.00

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis pb, excellent condition $2.50

    Macbeth – Shakespeare pb, GC $2.00

    Merchant of Venice, pb, GC $2.00

    Man of the Family – Moody pb, excellent condition $4.50

    Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespeare pb, GC $2.00

    Moonshine – Blackwood, hardback withdrawn copy from library, excellent condition $1.00

    My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising – Hopkins, pb, like new $6.00

    A Perfect Place Joshua’s Oregon Trail Diary Hermes, pb, fair 50 cents

    The Playmaker – Cheaney pb, excellent condition $1.00

    The Purple Pig and other miracles – Eastman, pb, EC $1.00 T

    he Road from Home – Kherdian – pb, very good condition $2.50

    Rebecca – Daphne DuMaurier – pb, GC

    Robinson Crusoe – Defoe pb, good condition $2.50

    “                            “         pb, excellent condition $3.00

    The Westing Game – Raskin pb, GC $2.00

    “            “                      “        pb, fair condition $1.50

    White Fang – London, pb, fair condition $1.00

    The Yearling – Total Language Plus (new and unused) $7.00

    Spanish curriculum

    The Learnables is a highly effective way to learn a foreign language. Using total immersion, where no English is used, students learn Spanish just the way they learned English as a child. My daughter went through level 5 and earned 6 college credits. Currently, she is an interpreter for hospitals, schools and soon to be in the courts. The CDs teach by using sentences that correspond/match the student’s book of pictures. Through repetition, the student gains mastery. The Basic Structures exercises correspond to the lessons that have previously been studied. This copy is clean without writing. $65.00

    Power Glide Spanish Ultimate Year 1 with Discs 1-4 $45.00

    Spanish Made Simple – Jackson and Rubio, pb EC $1.00

    Easy Spanish Crossword puzzles – Burnett , pb, EC $1.00

    Perro Grande…Perro Pequeno – Eastman $1.00

    Spanish – Madrigal’s Magic Key – Madrigal, pb GC $1.00

    Habla Espanol? textbook, hb fair condition free

    Conversational Spanish – Saloom $1.00

    Italian Levels 1, 2 & 3 Total Immersion $10.00

    Sign Language/ASL

    Signing at School $1

    Signing Naturally Student Workbook level 1 with DVD $10

    Lift up Holy Hands VHS and pamphlet $5

    Sign Language for Everyone 2 DVD set – Rice LOVED this one $20 (reg. $50)


    Math for Every Kid – VanCleave $5.00

    History Notgrass – American Voices, pb, EC $10.00

    Exploring American – Notgrass, pb, EC Volume 1 and 2 – Comes with Quiz and Exam Book and Answer book Complete $55.00 (REDUCED)

    Stories of the Pilgrims – Pumphrey, pb, VG $ 4.00

    The Story of the Pilgrims – Ross, pb, VG $1.00

    The Pilgrims of Plimoth – Sewall, pb, EC $1.00

    Pocahontas – Parin d’Aulaire, pb, EC $5.00

    Boys and Girls of Colonial Days – Bailey, pb, VG $5.00

    Johnny The Confederate Soldier with 27 stickers, A. G. Smith 0.50

    The Viking Explorers – Buer, hb, GC $0.50

    Montezuma and the Fall of the Aztecs – Kimmel, hb, VG 1.00

    Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times – Bauer – text pb, EC $8 Activity Book pb, EC $10.00 Tests and Answers unused, new $7.00 (entire set $22.00 REDUCED)

    History Songs – Troxel (book, needs tape), VG 1.00

    America’s Providential History – Beliles & McDowell, pb, VG $6.00

    The Making of the West (college text) pb, fair $1.00

    The Inca – McKissack (A New True Book) 50 cents

    The Maya – “                       “ 50 cents

    Native America – Color and Learn 50 cents

    Colonial America – “ 1.00

    Civil War Era Activity Book 1.00

    A Coloring Book for the Civil War $1.00

    Thematic Unit Native Americans Teacher Created Materials, Inc. 50 cents

    Brownie Girl Scout 1993 (great for crafts) – $1.00


    The Art of the Impressionists – Anderson, hb, EC $1.00

    I Can Do All Things – Stebbing, pb

    The Lamb’s Book of Art- Stebbing, pb

    Lifepac Art Teacher’s Guide $2.50

    Draw History Civil War – Clayton, pb, EC $1.00

    Poetry: Poem Stew  Cole, hb, GC $1.00

    The following are $5.00 each:

    AP Chemistry

    CLEP American History

    CLEP Biology

    Health, Safety & Manners 3 An A Beka Book 50 cents

    Webster’s Fourth Edition College Dictionary, fair

    Webster’s Thesaurus, pb


    Let’s Go Rock Collecting – Gans pb, EC $2.00

    The Planet in Our Solar System – Branley, pb, EC $1.50

    The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body (2) 1.50 each

    Inside a Hurricane 1.50

    At the Waterworks 1.50

    Explores the Senses 1.50

    Bees – Scholastic $1.00

    A History of Science – Rebecca Berg $2.50

    Bones, Bodies and Bellies by Vaszily and Perdue, pb, EC $2.00

    Discovering Science series: How Animals Behave – Porter, hb, GC 50 cents Looking At Animals – Porter, hb, GC 50 cents

    Introduction to Biology – Holzmann, pb, GC $2.00

    Sonlight Intro to Biology science schedule (and answers) $1.00

    A Fruit is Born – Guklcher and Noiailles, hb, fair

    Earth Science second edition text book for Christian Schools, hb, GC 50 cents

    Lyrical Life Science sets:

    Volume 1 : student text, worksheets and CD $9.00

    Volume 2 – Mammals, Ecology and Biomes book, workbook and CD $10

    Volume  3- The Human Body book, workbook and CD $10.00

    Exploring Creation with Biology Tests $2.00

    God’s Design for Chemistry: $18 for the set of two books Properties of Matter Lawrence Properties of Atoms & Molecules

    God’s Design for Heaven and Earth/Our Weather and Water – Lawrence $8.00

    Lifepac Teacher’s Guide Health $2.50

    “                 “                     Foundations for LIving (2) $2.50 each


    Exploring the History of Medicine – Tiner pb, GC $5.00

    Exploring the World of Chemistry – Tiner, pb, GC $5.00

    Apologia Physics complete set:  <b>NEW and UNUSED </b>$75.00 tests, solutions and tests, and text

    Apologia The Human Body Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Wile Complete, GC Text, Tests, Answers, and companion CD $50.00


    Time and Eternity

    Red River of LIfe

    God and Creation

    Windows of the Soul

    Facts of Faith

    Mystery of the Three Clocks

    Where the Waters Run

    Voice of the Deep

    City of the Bees

    Prior Claim


    Hidden Treasures

    Experience with an Eel

    God of the Atom

    Professor and the Prophets

    Journey of Life Empty Cities

    Signposts Aloft Of Books and Sloths

    Dust or Destiny

    Ultimate Adventure

    The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt – Shearer, pb, EC $1.00

    Exploring the Environment through Children’s Literature – Butzow, pb, fair

    Usborne Mysteries & Marvels of Nature – hb, EC $8.00

    Observing God’s World A Beka pb, fair (about 6th grade) $1.00

    Owl Pellet Bone Dissection info 25 cents

    Dissection guides for: Fetal Pig (2) 4.00 each Eye (2) 4.00 each Heart (2) 4.00 each

    The Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope, pb, EC $10.00

    Rat Study – VHS from Midwest Dairy Council Eating Smart Means Growing StrongAll info for 6 week study using the scientific method Excellent science project Free

    World View class Lightbearers from Summit Ministries Curriculum, Complete- comes with instructional DVDs, How to Be your Own Selfish Pig,  Student workbook and Teacher manual $65.00

    What Would Jesus Do? retold by Mack Thomas, hb, EC $2.50 (Love this one!)

    Starting Strong – Rinehart, pb, EC unused $5.00

    The Justice Mission video-enhanced curriculum reflecting the heart of God for the oppressed of the World, Leader’s Guide, 5-segment video (DVD) – Excellent study by IJM $10.00

    Look What God is Doing! Eastman 50 cents

    Remembering God’s Awesome Acts Teacher’s Manual – Mortimer’s, pb, GC $1.00 (excellent study!)

    Classical Roots Vocabulary answer keys B and C – free Wordly Wise 3000  for 4 and 5 Teacher’s Keys – free

    The Creative Writer Lessons in Creative Writing – Corey, pb, EC $1.00

    Colonies to Constitution Critical Thinking in US History Series, student and instruction/answer guide (2 books), pb, EC 5.00 for set

    Language Arts 6 Answer Key to Grammar Sheets Sonlight D $5.00

    Uncle Josh’s Outline Map Book – Wiggers, pb, EC 9.00

    Trail Guide to World Geography – Wiggers, pb EC $10.00

    Practical Drafting Applied Engineering Graphics Workbook – Peterman $20.00 new

    A Blueprint for Geometry Math Projects Series Fulton and Lombard $4.00

    Advanced Complete-A-Sketch CD teaches technical sketching, drafting concepts, othographic & isometric sketching, 3D models to build from Insight Technical Education $5.00

    Friend & Lover – Purnell autographed $1.00


    The Key to Reclaiming the Culture – Ken Ham $1.00

    The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

    Escaping Scientology

    Jesus of Nazareth David Copperfield and Oliver Twist


    Almost Born: The shocking truth about Partial-birth abortions



    Autopsy Through the Eyes of Death’s Detectives / Voices of Death (shows real autopsy)

    Missions:  Glad Sacrifice

    ALL Lab equipment – LOTS (Listed on a separate post)

    SONLIGHT 300 20th Century World History (retail $441.50) 41 books $250.00

    Sonlight God’s Kingdom, level 400 $100.00

    Sonlight 530 soon available after priced


    Which Learnables levels of Spanish are you selling?



    level 1


    level 1 (I am sorry that isn’t listed and I cannot figure out how to edit the listing to add that information).


    I’m interested in these items if they are still available.

    History Notgrass – American Voices, pb, EC $10.00

    A History of Science – Rebecca Berg $2.50

    Does EC refer to the condition of the book?  What would the shipping be?

    Thank you


    I am interested in your Learnables level 1 and you book Christy.  I just can’t figure out how to private message you.


    Tried to private message you, but I guess it is not working. Is the Sonlight 300 History set still available? And it is the current set of books? This is the history books, but not bible and literature? Also, the signing dvd available? And the CLEP American History- do you mean the study guide for it?


    Bump. Wish there was a way to private message.  Hoping you see this soon, debbiesuef.


    I would like o purchase Sign Language for Everyone DVD $20

    you can email me at bunnybutt001 at yahoo dot com

    Thank you 🙂


    I am terribly sorry that I had not been notified of your questions. Please, forgive me.  Someone sent me an email that notified my other the several responses.  Forgive me, please.

    NOtgrass Voices is $10.00

    Hx of Science $2.50

    EC is excellent condition

    Shipping $10.00.  Please, do not hesitate to ask other questions.  I will be checking this more frequently.


    Please, forgive me for not responding sooner.  I was not getting notified of the responses; I imagine it was my failure of not setting this up properly.  I am sorry to tell you that The Learnables has been sold.  I will be checking this site more frequently, so please ask questions if there is anything else I can help you with.


    Please, forgive me for not responding! I am so sorry.  I was not aware there were responses here.  Thankfully, someone sent me an email, which alerted me.  Here is the list for Sonlight 300:

    Sonlight 300 – 20th Century World History

    Know what you Believe

    Know Why you Believe

    How to Ruin Your Life by 30

    The Great Brain

    Robert Frost

    Heart to Heart

    Our Century in Pictures

    Made you Look

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    You Want Women to Vote?

    Albert Einstein

    Great Gatsby

    Heart of Darkness

    Murder on Orient Express

    Labor’s Untold Story

    For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Mere Christianity

    Winston Churchill

    Snow Goose

    Old Man

    Parallel Journeys

    Brave New World

    Hiding Place

    Cry, the Beloved Country


    China’s Long March

    After the War

    When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit


    Darkness at Noon

    Moves Make the Man

    One Day in the Life…

    Great Gilly Hopkins

    Alas, Babylon

    Run Baby Run

    Red Scarf Girl

    Children of the River

    Walk Two Moons

    Fallen Angels

    Living on the Devil’s Doorstep


    The signing DVD has been sold. and the CLEP American History is the guide to prepare you for the exam.

    Please, do not hesitate to ask further questions.  I will be checking this throughout the day


    I am so sorry that I was not aware there were responses and questions here.  I totally messed up! Please, forgive me.

    This item has been sold, thus, no longer available.  I will be checking this more frequently for responses and questions.  Please, do not hesitate to ask further questions.


    Hi, I would especially like your d’aliere book…how do I contact you?


    Hi Newfiemama.  My e-mail address is if you would like to contact me.  Media mail is pretty inexpensive, so it would probably be around $5.00.  If you have a Paypal account, I can send you an invoice for all the items you want.  Once payment has been received, I will ship you the items.

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