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    I have no idea how to set up my home library – as it’s growing quickly.  I also have young ones that are just learning to put 1 book away before they pull off another book.  Do you mix school books (read-alouds and any school material) on the shelf with their regular reading books?  Do you shelf books for future use now or store them in the basement?  I have material for 4th grade and up and my dc are in PreK.  We are also receiving a home library from a family friend and I don’t know how to organize them in the basement so I don’t forget what we have when we may need it.  It’s like finding those 12 month old clothes in the basement when you just bought new ones!  Thanks.


    I have the them sorted on the shelves in the basement by topic – loosely based on the module topics (history), science, literature, poetry, Shakespeare, creative art, art study, nature study, composer study, foriegn language, etc…Those are the ones that I have used, are for reference, or will use in the future.  The kids are welcome to look at and put back those where they found them (ie, those are Mom’s)

    There is a large bookcase full of many different levels of reading and types of books that they can haul around, read, or whatever (those are the “kids’ books)  They can just be put back on the shelf.

    Upstairs we have many bookcases that kind of fall between those categories.  My middle elementary and above paperback books are in the bookcase I built at the end of the hall. Those are free reads anytime, anywhere but must be put back where they were found. (so I can find it)  Same with the science and literature shelf.  

    The early readers are on 2 other bookcases, and they do not have to be replaced in the same spot, I am happy when they hit any of the baskets again. lol

    The ones currently used for school are the ones in the bookcases used for school and are by the table where we “start school”.  

    I do have the book collectorz library program.  But since I have a pretty good idea of what we are doing for our educational plan, I can add the new stuff to my topically sorted bookcase downstairs, and see it all as I am ramping up for the next study term.  (I have a lot of resources on the bookcases on the wall in the computer room as well.)

    One thing you may do as you are getting started is to make a list on paper or on the computer of the different topics (history, science, etc) and jot down the titles as you add including the ISBN.  Then you would have a pretty good idea of what you have as you are getting more.  This will at least keep you from collecting 25 George Washington books and leaving out other important people. lol

    If you put the books in tubs be specific of the type and level of the books as you are labeling.  That will help.  Or you can make a list of what is in each tub, number the paper and tub with the same number, you will have a good list of what you have even if you can’t see it. 

    This is time consuming at first, but will save you tons of money and time down the road.  There are lots of people here with lots of different ideas and experiences, so you will probably get a lot of suggestions.  =)  Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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