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    My son is only 4 1/2 but we gave him a small hammer, small screw drivers, nails, screws and scrap wood. He loves to just drive nails and screws into the boards! And it’s been really cool because he ended up making a cross out of it (no encouragement from us) and talking about Jesus carrying a heavy cross. So, there’s another idea for you.


    Bookworm….you must have met my boys!  Yes, they probably would slice their fingers!  I will be looking for a toaster.  What is the worst that could happen?  Dare I ask…….

    Heather…..thanks for sharing the drawing classes.  My son watched one with me and loved it!  He loves drawing!  That will be great!  I added a few more ideas to my list that I thought I would share.  I left off the ones that have already been mentioned.  Most of these are unsupervised for my 6yo and 8yo.  Sometimes, I have to supervise if my 2yo joins in the fun.  I added a few outdoor things because my kids can go in the backyard unsupervised.  Also, I will shoo them outside for short periods in the winter.  Here are my additions…..

    Practice basketball

    Run laps around the backyard

    Practice piano

    Practice drums on drum pad or dad’s drum (with permission)

    Listen to your MP3 player

    Build a skate park for your Tech Decks (mini skateboards) (not pre-made-they use cardboard, blocks, duct tape, etc.) 

    Build a tent in the basement and “camp out”

    Build a hot wheel race track (not the pre-made….with wooden blocks, boards, etc.)

    Build a train track

    Punch your punching bag

    Jump on your mini-trampoline

    Read your Bible

    Write and/or illustrate a book (8 yo, not 6yo)

    Build a marble run (Amaze-N-Marbles)

    Color by numbers

    Make a collage

    Hidden Picture Books

    Make your own hidden picture. 

    Maze Books

    Draw your own maze

    Word Search

    Make your own word search

    Read a magazine

    Draw a picture, glue it on the cardboard from a cereal box, cut it into a puzzle.  Do your puzzle.

    Set up bowling pins and go bowling

    Take a bath

                    -play songs with bath flutes

                    -practice spelling on shower walls with bathtub markers or draw a picture

    Put on a puppet show for your little brother

    Make a video with your camera

                    -act out a book

                    -play your drums or piano

                    -basketball moves


                    -build a domino run and knock it down

    Make a sticker book

    Make a card for a friend

    Take your camera in the backyard and take pictures.

    Write a worship song. (8yo, not 6yo)


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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