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    We have been using Mystery of History Vol 1 this past year in a CM way.  We have used it as a spine adding in living books, narrations, timeline book, and mapping.  We have not done any of the extra activities or quizzes and such.  This has worked well for us this year.  I have also tried to add in some history documentary videos.  The kids can’t stand them!  They are just too dry.  And, I must admit as much as I love history, some of them have been tough for me to watch too.  Since we are all visual learners, we want to incorporate something.  Wink

    So, as we are planning ahead for next year using MOH Vol 2 (The Early Church and the Middle Ages) I am looking for a list of some good history movies for them.  I guess I am talking about “living” movies that tell a story instead of the dry facts. 

    Their ages will be 11 (girl) and 9 (boy) in the fall. 

    Thanks!  Smile


    I can’t think of anything just now, but here is a resource that I use for ideas often:

    She has created a spreadsheet with a list of resources for every century.  She includes video there.  We started using it in the 1500’s, so I’m not sure what’s available in the earlier years. 


    I have this pinned to look at for next year’s planning, which I am not doing yet. So I haven’t really looked at it very thoroughly. 🙂  But maybe the lists might be helpful.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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