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    Last fall, we purchased Genesis – Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt for our Year 1 history program for my 7y child.   We have not yet completed half of the book due to personal situations here at home that won’t repeat itself this year.  We are “behind” in every SCM subject for the same reason, though I’m confident in his growth and am not too concerned because we are, after all, only wrapping up his first year.

    With next year being an election year here in the states, my soon to be 8yo will hear plenty of election talk.   I’m wondering if I should complete Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt and move onward to Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome OR shelve everything for the time being and select one of the two SCM offerings covering American History (would I be doing a greater service or not with so much governmental talk going on around him).  I truly *loved* the idea of going from “start to finish & then repeat” with the timeline but a heavy concentration “in the real world” of political talk and elections seems as if it’s begging to be taken advantage of, homeschool wise.

    The only other thing I could think of would be simply to incorporate more living books dealing with American history along side our regular studies.

    Could you advise?


    My first thought would be to continue history as you had previously planned and just add a book or two on the government or the election process.

    Tamara Bell

    At age 8, he would be fine proceeding forward.  You are laying a solid Biblical foundation for your son.  Our founding father’s drew some of their ideas for our government from the Greek and Roman model.  🙂

    There will be an election process in our country again.  At which point he will be older and better able to understand what is going on in our country.  In the early years of elementary school I found just talking to my kids IF they asked questions about the election was enough.  He has a life of learning before him Momma.


    We keep our regular history going, and I plan to have a once a week ‘election update’ at my house. Really, this will be a lesson, until we get closer and there are actual things to update on. I’ve got nine kids ranging from 1 to 15 still at home, one more off to college. The older kids will be more interested and we will take it further, discuss it more, etc. The younger kids will just get some basics about how our country’s government and election process works. I am browsing for resources now, there are so many things online, as well as picture books and beyond for older students.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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