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    We have gone through all of the SCM history modules. We’ll be finishing up module 6 this year with my 8th, 6th, 1st graders. Since we’ve been through them all and it’s a 6 yr rotation, how do I make that work for my upcoming high schooler?? How to we fit the 6 modules in to 4 years?  Doubling up isn’t really an option for us. The will be 9th grader is the one who gives me the hardest time on doing school work, and isn’t a fan of history, like at all.  I want to stick with living books as far as how we are learning and I think she would too, but for the most part, I’ve been reading all the history books out loud for everyone. So, the 2 younger ones are listening to the books for her grade range right now too. She loves to read, but will fight me on reading assigned history books or similar. I think it’s partly because she just doesn’t want to do it and partly because she understands some of these harder books better when read out loud. She also doesn’t do well with our exam times. She struggles to recall info when she’s being asked for it. The other 2 kids do great. Like I said, we’re 6 years in and she still just do well with exam narrations.  So for the first part of my question, How do I use the SCM guides for high school if we’ve already completed the rotation?

    The second part of my question is about changing curriculum. I’ve been really looking hard at Master Books . The 8th grader is doing and intro to logic and intro to anatomy and physiology from Master books this year. She loves the science, but reallllly dislikes logic. She really likes being able to do them herself and the schedule they have in the front and I think she likes the way it’s broken up and how the content is written. She just dislikes the topic logic. (Side note, because she dislikes logic, she’s pretty much failing. The last 3 worksheets/quiz were all failing grades, but she couldn’t care less. Grades are of no importance to her at all)  I am considering Masterbooks for her highschool history. Has anyone switched from SCM to MB? I’d love some opinions. I don’t want to lose the living books part of history for her and she doesn’t either, but I wonder if MB with added living books would be a better fit for her? The history for MB high school is all written by Stobaugh I believe. Any opinions on Master books history for highschool?

    Because I know it will be asked::She intends to go to community college and maybe culinary school. The big goal is to become a pastry chef who owns her own bakery and party planning business.


    I want to love Master Books. When I look at the subjects, it makes me happy, and I think, “What an amazing option!” But then we tried them this year and I don’t love them.  My 7th grader is doing their Logic and Science. We tried their Math this year for several grades this year.

    I like the Logic, but my son is bored to tears. I have to read the text out loud and we are not using their schedule or teacher guide or quizzes. We just discuss it.

    My son seems to like the science, but he hates their little question page and I’ve switched to just having him tell me what he learned about.

    I loved the idea of the MB math, but my kids were forgetting things they had already learned and I have switched them all to other curricula.

    OTOH, my sister has used their history and she says her kids love it. But I don’t think they were using all the quizzes, just reading the texts.

    Hope that helps!


    Yes, she is bored to tears with the Logic too and often asks me to read it to her. After a few different readings, I actually went back and looked at the recommended levels because what I was reading was more difficult that I had thought it would be. She’s right there in the middle of the recommendation so I feel like I would be doing her a disservice if I say it’s ‘too hard’ for her and let her stop working on it. She doesn’t like it, so she gives  me hardly any effort at this point for her answers.Like I said, she failed the last 3 & refuses to go back and fix the wrong answers. ( I am considering though, that we take a semester break from it.)

    For science , she is really enjoying the material, but really dislikes having to go back through the book to find fill in the blank answers.

    Worksheets , quizzes and test haven’t been our norm with homeschool, but she’ll be in high next year and I feel like she needs to be able to do these comfortably. My husband wants to be sure she will be prepared for college, where she will be expected to take quizzes and tests and such.  If we were to just discuss what she is doing or reading I don’t feel like that would be ‘enough’ especially if we were to consider it for a credit.

    I haven’t tried their math, I finally found a math curriculum that is working well for all 3 of my kiddos, but I do get pulled in to all the great posts about MB math 🙂

    Sandra Wade

    For my current 9th grader, I selected modules based on meeting my state’s requirements and our preferences.  We have to have US History and World History.  We are currently in Early Modern and Epistles.  For 10th we will complete Modern Times & Epistles, Revelation.  For 11th/12th we will complete a Gov’t/Economics and probably Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles.  She completed Middle Ages… in the 8th grade but for 11th or 12th she will be reading the 10th -12th grade books.

    I too tried to like the Masterbooks many years ago.  (The display at the conferences is so attractive.) I have only used the Elementary Science for one year.  It just wasn’t a good fit.

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