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    I’m desperate for information about how to homeschool my highschooler. He’s been homeschooled since 4th grade. I’m looking to find out about requirements, transcripts, calculating GPA, etc. I want to make sure he graduates High School after all of this, as well as has an opportunity to go to college. I tried HSLDA but became overloaded with information which was not very streamlined.

    Any advice?

    Chrissy Bailey


    I can’t find the resource but I remember a video or blog post were it said if you took out roll call, busywork, collecting papers, one-on-one work with kids who need help, etc., an “hour” in a public school works out to about 20 minutes of actual work. So say you need 60 hours of a subject to earn 1 credit, you could count 20 hours as a full credit.

    Does anyone know what this is from? It was new within the last year and I thought it was SCM but I just skimmed their YouTube channel and didn’t find it.


    Oh! Also, at the back of all  the SCM history guides, they have a page that calculates the high school credits for you, for both history and geography.

    Karen Smith

    High school credits are also calculated for you in our Enrichment Studies lesson plans.

    This article on How to Make a High School Transcript may be helpful to you.

    Little Women

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I loved this book, which covers everything really well!   It does have a section in the back that’s only for California, but the rest of it is still well worth the cost.</p>

    It really IS doable.  🙂    I’ve managed it 3 times, and have 1 more to go.


    A must have book for any parent who will home school their children’s high school years. The information is so clear and concise, it makes things like writing course descriptions, transcripts and figuring out gpa’s simple and professional.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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