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    My 8th grader hates math and always has. Over the years, we have done Right Start Math, Math-U-See, Teaching Textbooks, Saxon Math and now back to Teaching Textbooks.  While he has a low A average with Teaching Textbooks, he is incredibly frustrated.  Any suggestions on what I can use for high school that might help him?  Based on what he wants to do for a career, he will be college bound.  Of course, that will mean at least a few more semesters of math for him.

    I personally can’t stand math and would prefer to eat glass than do it.  So, I am not much help to him.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?  I am thinking of an online class or tutor.



    My 9th grader is having great success with Video Text Algebra after feeling frustrated with Teaching Textbooks for years.  It has great explanations in the videos and also has physical books that the student can refer back to if needed.  You can also pace it yourself, so your student never needs to move too fast or too slow.


    I have a smart teenager who has hated and been frustrated with almost every math curriculum we have tried. But he now loves Life of Fred. If I even look at another curriculum, he says, “You aren’t going to make me change again, are you?”


    Christian Light math is completely independent! 🙂


    Thanks for all of information. This is very helpful!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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