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    I know it’s High School and I’m probably over thinking this, but I was just wondering why on the Literature book list here on SCM that books like Animal Farm, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, and others that I, as a public school kid was made to read, are not included in the list here?

    Are they not living books? So that you can understand me better I’m faced with 3 public school teachers that don’t mind voicing their opinions of certain things. Literature being one of them. Any advice?


    In addition to your literature books, there are some spread across the curriculum.  Animal Farm is scheduled in Modern Times for Grades 7-9.  There are some other literature books included in the other history guides too.  Plus, you will have a Shakespeare play each year (if you are doing those)…as well as poetry.

    There are always more classics than time, so you will always have more that you want them to read.  I have to remind myself that they will (hopefully) be reading for the rest of their lives.  I’ve read more classics since high school than I read during those years, and I hope they will do the same.

    I do feel like they include quite a few “must reads” like David Copperfield, Hound of Baskervilles, and Pride and Prejudice.  I may add some in—To Kill a Mockingbird was a favorite of mine, so I will likely replace Last of the Mohicans (not a personal favorite) with it.  The Great Gatsby will never make my list.  😂

    I would consider those all living books, but even English teachers have to pick and choose a few and let go of the rest.


    My response went away.

    I agree with Holly, never enough time for all the classics, but also wanted to add that just because some say it is a “classic” does not always mean it is worth the time to read. Some classics are filled with characters and story lines that I would not want to read let alone have my children read. Some are just not good even though they make the list of “must reads” especially with so many other fantastic books available.

    I grew up being homeschooled and I am glad that my mom did not have us read books just because they were considered classics or must reads. There are so many to select from for similar style and time period she selected ones with quality characters and story, not just because they were on a specific list. 🙂

    Tamara Bell

    We agree with both commenters.  🙂  We agree fully with them.  You will find some “classics” spread throughout our history guides and not in our literature list while some books that are considered “classics” don’t meet with our high standards.

    Unfortunately there is also a factor called “time.”  There are just too many great books and not enough time.

    We encourage all families to make their children’s education their own.  Our lists and suggested books are only suggestions to help you get going.  Tweak, omit, and add until you are comfortable.  🙂

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