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  • Aordman

    Hello, we are new to SCM and I will have a 9th grader this fall.

    In CA we have to cover 1 year World and 1 year US histories, and 1/2 year government and 1/2 year economics.

    I am fine with doing 4 years of history.  Which courses would you suggest using?   Does SCM even cover/offer gov/Econ courses?


    Paula Spicer

    Not sure what SCM offers since anymore I have been using Beautiful Feet for the past few years.  You could check that website  They have a few different options out there and the book suggestions for ancient and medieval history have been great and the kids enjoyed them.

    My dd did ancients in 8th grade, and medieval this year.  It’s went well so far.


    Karen Smith

    Completing all of the assignments for history in our Early Modern & Epistles lesson plans book will earn your student 1/2 credit in world history and 1/2 credit in American history. Completing the history assignments in Modern Times & Epistles, Revelation earns the other 1/2 credits of world and American history. The last page of the samples for each book shows a breakdown of how the credits are earned.

    SCM does not have government or economics courses. One possibility for a government course is Notgrass Publishing’s Exploring Government.


    I would recommend the Notgrass course, Exploring Government, as well.  We just finished using it for DD18.  DD20 used it in her senior year and really did it independently.  She thoroughly enjoyed how it covered the Bill of Rights and the various amendments to the Constiution, and she was never much of a fan of history or social studies in general.

    My just-graduated DD18 also used the course this year, but we did the course together as she is mildly dyslexic and I read parts of it to her to make it go quicker.  (We were trying to finish all of her courses by the end of 2018.)  She enjoyed the topics that dealt with issues we still face today such as race, terrorism, and politics in general.  Both of my girls found the course engaging, and I was glad that quizzes, tests, and answer keys were included, so there are options for grading the course.


    Notgrass also has 1-year world history and American history courses, as an alternative. We really enjoy the world history. My son did their Economics last year and enjoyed it as well.


    We did SCM’s Middle Ages last year with one dd in 9th, and are doing Early Modern this year for 10th.  We have enjoyed both!


    Hello, I am also in California and we’ve used living books for all….
    “The Young Citizens Reader” (from Yesterdays Classics, worked for Government) and Dave Ramsey books/DVDs work for Economics. We got Civics flashcards for the US Naturalization Test (from Amazon) to memorize, Uncle Eric Books ( and there were just so many books from the library and Amazon to add in too, we couldn’t do them all 🙂 The Simply Charlotte Mason history cycle would work for everything too, except Gov & Econ.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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