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    Has anyone here had children that have done SCM for high school?  My 13 year old will begin high school work next year and just wondering if the SCM guide will be enough. If anyone who has  had the student use SM for high school, how prepared are they for college?




    I was wanting to know the exact same thing.  Even though my kids are not in high school yet, I am definitely thinking about the future.  I am torn between Tapestry of Grace and SCM.  If you assign independent reading from the booklist for high school, how do you know what narration questions to ask the student if you haven’t read the book yourself?  With multiple high schoolers I doubt I would be able to read every book they are reading.  Since the guide has no discussion questions, how does this all work, and do you need to add a lot to the guide for high school?



    My oldest is only 10, but I’d love to hear responses, too!  I have been concerned about this exact issue—how to have good discussions at the high school level.  I’m hoping to achieve that by using Truthquest materials (haven’t started yet).  Anyone have success with that?  :)Gina 


    My oldest son is 16.  We are doing a “mix” of things–some purer CM, some specifically to prepare him for college, some that he just wants to do.  He isn’t AT college yet.  There are some pretty good lists and things for preparing for college that I am on. 

    Jodie Apple

    We used mostly CM methods for our oldest’s  high school years.  She finished her first semester of dual enrollment  in December taking American Literature and College Mathematics at the local college while finshing up her Government requirement for high school at home.   She received an A in both classes, and said the courses were really easy.  She also stated that she feels like she is more than prepared for college and life after having learned Charlotte Mason methods and applying them instead of just learning information from textbooks. 

    As far as discussions on what books she read; I just let her narrate to me.  We didn’t use study guide questions or anything like that.  She just would fill me in on “what happened next” and “what did you think about that”.  Whatever connections she made with her readings is what she would tell me about.  Very simple…and freeing!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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