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    I prefer biology for the first year of high school (9th grade).

    : the materials I suggested easily fill up two years of middle school science in addition to a few basic research papers (to introduce note taking and MLA/Turabian) and basic lab reports


    First, let me say, how I wish bookworm could come to my house and explain the necessity of tough science and math to my kids.  Smile  I try, but sometimes I wonder if I’m getting through.

    Second, @crazy4boys I’m not on Pinterest, but I love your idea of using Mythbuster videos for your sons with General Science.  Would you please tell me how to access your list?  I guess I could do my own searching and organizing, but if you’ve already matched the videos with modules that would be a HUGE help.

    Thanks so much!


    memomo7 – I have not matched Mythbusters to specific modules.  They just watch them for fun.  I do have videos for each module (well, the first 3 so far) and am working on the rest.  I may try to put Mythbusters with modules or not….depends on how much time and energy I have!  I will be posting them to my blog or Squidoo soon, but I can PM or email you a list if you’d like.  


    I’m taking notes for my 13yos. Thanks for the conversation.


    @crazy4boys – A PM would be great when you have time…thank you!  And sorry for the misunderstanding about Mythbusters – my boys (and girls) love them too!  🙂


    I haven’t read any of the other posts but have you looked at ?

    Rachel White

    As I was preusing AO for next year’s book selections, I noticed it made an additonal recommendation for grades 7 and 8 under Science called Rainbow Science.

    Scroll down to under science:

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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