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    We have been working our way through the beauty and truth guides for practical geometry this year (once a week). My foundation with geometry is very shaky and I’m ready to throw in the towel. My son is mathematically gifted and my husband seems to have no problem working it out but he isn’t home enough to help out. I feel like I’m failing my son but I’m really struggling working through some of these without a visual to help me. We are also using Strayer Upton book 2 (5th grade) and that is going fine (he loves it, actually). Just how important is it for him to have practical geometry? I thought I read somewhere on the forum that others have used strayer upton through book 2 and then gone on to prealgebra/algebra. After book 2, I’m not sure where I’m going. I want to use Jacob’s for sure, for algebra and geometry but not sure what to do for the transition. Is there anything else we could do for practical geometry? I also have “Hands On Geometry” by Christopher Freeman, which is used alongside the Hall and Stevens book. Looking at it, it seems like it might be easier/more straight-forward to just work our way through that book, even though it’s much shorter and might not take 2 years. Would that be enough? Would he be prepared for formal geometry if we only used Strayer Upton without practical geometry alongside it? I need some advice from anyone else who has used a similar scope and sequence! Thanks in advance.

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