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    I am in need of some advice for math for my son. He literally takes almost two hours to complete a lesson. He is 14 and going into 9th grade. We use math u see and are in epsilon right now, 1/2 way through it. I have just finished using my e book to schedule our year/ terms/and weeks. How can I schedule only about 30-60 min. worth of math for him and get through a math book in a years time? I am a little frustrated at the moment. I could use some advice. Thank you so much

    P.S. Sonia, I love my e book! Thank you for making it so simple!

    God Bless

    Sincerely, Veronica

    How much of a lesson do you do each day? I have been only doing review lessons (epsilon) if my son gets the lesson. I was having him do all the pages, but it was taking so long. My son cannot get more than one page done a day, two pages takes too long.

    If I know my son “gets” the concept then I time the lesson and keep it to 30 minutes. If he doesn’t then he works on just that concept–reviewing the dvd or using the fraction overlays until it clicks, again about 30 minutes a day. If he can teach the concept back to me then he may only do one review page and that is it for the lesson.


    Thank you! That is a wonderful start for me. I appreciate your input.


    Sonya Shafer

    Veronica, is it an attention issue? For example, is he daydreaming or staring into space between equations? Or is he head-down working that entire time?


    He is very distracted. He is trying to do the work during this time period, but truly, we can not be around him, myself or the rest of the kids. What would you do?

    Sonya Shafer

    I just happen to be at Karen’s house this week, and she has great experience with 14yo boys (which I don’t 🙂 ). Here is how she handles this situation.

    From Karen: We’ve always used the whole house for school work. The kids have had the freedom to choose where they want to do their school work, for the purpose of eliminating distractions. If a child is distracted by his surroundings, I strongly encourage him to go someplace where it is less distracting. Set a timer (maybe 20 minutes) and let him know that he needs to give a good concentrated effort for that time. If he has a hard time keeping focus for 20 minutes, you might back off the time and then gradually increase it as he develops more of a habit of attention. You can tell if he has given concentrated effort by the amount of work and quality that was done. For Epsilon level work, I would probably expect half a page of work done correctly in 15 to 20 minutes.

    I would also add that if he still has a struggle staying focused when he’s by himself, you may need to sit with him for a few math sessions just to be a visual reminder of staying on task. You can sit quietly in the room and read a book (so you aren’t accused of distracting) and glance up every now and then to make sure he’s still concentrating. Once he gets used to giving full attention with your presence, you could gradually wean him away from your physical presence and use the timer instead.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions or experiences to share on this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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