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    I’m hoping someone can help me in choosing (hopefully) living books that help out with the following learning outcomes: (I am also going to ask those who are familiar with planning curriculum for advice on just how to plan. I’ve been ‘winging’ it for the last 3-4 years. Mostly workbooks. I want to lean more towards a living book education. My homeschool facilitator says that every classroom teacher who gets the following “at-a-glance” outcomes, prepares completely different curriculum from the next teacher. I would like to know just how to actually plan such a thing. ie. I would like ideas to help me along. Some things may not be books at all, in which case I’d like to know what I can consider doing and how to implement it.)

    Gr. 2


    Small crawling and flying animals

    Exploring liquids

    Buoyancy and Boats


    Hot and Cold Temperature

    Health and Life Skills:

    Relationship Choices (develop strategies to show respect for others; show interest, offer support)

    Life Learning Choices(recognize that each individual has many roles in life)

    Wellness Choices (describe and apply communication safety behaviours)


    Canada’s dynamic communities

    A Community in the past

    Gr. 4


    Plant Growth and Changes

    Waste and Our World

    Wheels and Levers

    Light and Shadows

    Building devices and Vehicles that move

    Health and Life Skills:

    Relationship Choices (identify and use short-term strategies for managing feelings)

    Life Learning Choices (develop and apply skills for personal organization/study)

    Wellness Choices (understand links between physical activity, emotional wellness, social wellness)


    Alberta: a Sense of the Land (yes, I realize some things are completely Canadian – any Canadians with advice? )

    The Stories, Histories and People of Alberta

    Alberta, Celebrations and Challenges (any Albertans willing to give any ideas?)

    I hope someone’s willing to help me come up with a plan….

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