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    Thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful suggestions and great ideas. I am going to give him 2 or 3 weeks off from any reading suff except for just letting him enjoy being read to. Hope to rekindle that spark of learning in his eyes that has been missimg for so long. He loves playing games and building things like legos, block towers, and logic games. So I think we will concentrate on that. I don’t have the budget right now to buy any more reading programs but I hope that the Lord will provide somehow, someway.    I lpve the idea of Charlotte Mason and am excited about trying it all out. As soon as I figure it all out:)

        I am so glad I found this forum and all you wonderful ladies. We live in a very small town and not many people even know what homeschooling is. Our family and friends support us but don’t really understand so it’s nice to come here and have people know what I am talking about.


    I’d recommend Reading Reflex – that book has a lot of games for developing the listening skills necessary for reading.  I never did any of them the way the book says (copying the pages and cutting out the slips of paper and keeping them in envelopes, etc.).

    I just did them out loud while we were in the car or while I was washing her hair or anytime we were waiting for something.

    I’d say /b/ – /a/ – /t/ – what word is that ? And she’s say bbbbbaaaaaat – that’s bat.  (of course, it took a while for my daughter to get it!)

    And then you reverse it.  What sounds do you hear in mmmmmmmaaaaaaaat? and she’d say /m/ – /a/ – /t/.

    Things like that.  If you just do it while you’re waiting or while you’re cooking together or whatever, it’s a background activity – it’s nothing to stress over.  Your son won’t really be aware that it’s a reading lesson.

    Be aware, that we were doing these games for more than a year, off and on.  So, it’s a process.  Don’t rush your son.  And don’ feel in a hurry yourself.  The goal is to get your son reading…..on his schedule.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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