help with LA for dd 10

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    Sarah, Megawords has vocabulary in it; it’s used for that purpose, too. I don’t use it for that reason. I don’t have another vocab. curriculum. Just whenever unknown words arise, they are looked up.

    I did start my dd on Word Roots A1 by Critical Thinking Skills Co., book + CD-ROM and I had intended for my son to start Latin, but that won’t happen till next year. I think I’m going to get him his own copy of Word Roots A1, too to work in 1x a  week. My dd has enjoyed it.

    I just don’t have any inclination to start a vocabulary list. I think with Latin study, reading good books, and looking up and using new words, both in writing and speaking, that that’ll be sufficient. Oh, I also have Rummy Roots card game; I just haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. We do talk about word roots just in our conversation just for fun. For ex., my son asked about benign and malevolent today and then we started thinking about other words that have similar root as malevolent. All about making connections. We enjoy “language” around here.

    Re: SW, I think it can be used for vocabulary. If there’s words the child doesn’t know in their writing then it could be added to a list to study and test on later. That’d be a wholistic approach. It would make sense not to buy a vocab. specific program, unless you want to study the roots of words. I like both approaches-deeper study and in context.

    Jim Hodges also has vocab. lists for GA Henty audiobooks that can be downloaded cheaply from his site. There’s a lot of great words in those books that would be good to spend a little extra time studying:


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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