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    I own the paper sloyd book by E.D. Rich in addition to the paper modelling book by Swannell. My ds8 LOVES paper folding and would do it all day if I let him. The problem is me. We’ve made it through the first year of projects in the Rich book and have attempted a few of the projects in the Swannell book. But I have some sort of spatial disconnect in my brain and really struggle with following the instructions in some of these projects. I’m very grateful for some of the resources on Charlotte Mason Poetry, but they only have videos for a few of the projects in the Swannell book. I feel as though I can’t progress further without some kind of help. I’ve added ds6 to the mix this year so I’m currently having my oldest son teach his brother origami. That is going well but I would love to see him challenged further with some of the harder paper sloyd projects. If anyone knows of some resources to help me, I would be grateful. Otherwise, this is just a suggestion that I would LOVE it if someone would produce a video of some sort to walk me through all of the paper sloyd projects….either book. 🙂

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