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    Our family is very behind in Spelling Wisdom. My 8th, 7th, & 6th grader are all, I repeat, ALL, still using book 1 of Spelling Wisdom. I know this is sad but it’s the truth!

    My question is this: should we pick out the words that we think they need to focus on & keep at that till we get to where they should be according to their age?

    They do well with it; we are simply far behind in the books.

    Please give me your advice!



    How is their spelling, as in how do they do with spelling in written narrations and similar?

    As my children progress, I do not plan on doing spelling much past 6th or 7th grade, if they are doing well with written narrations. For example my oldest is in 6th grade, her spelling is improving quite a bit when she writes (It took a while, I was a bit worried for a while, LOL) but if she continues to improve I do not plan on doing spelling specific subject in 7th grade, I plan on addressing spelling through writing. That said, if she was not progressing in spelling I would continue with spelling at her pace and not worry about a specific book to finish as long as her language arts skills were continuing to improve at her pace.


    Try not to feel behind. I am right there with you. My 3rd amd 6th grader are still in book 1 and my 8th grader is at the very, very beginning of book 2, and he is only there because I bumped him up. I can tell you from experience that steady progress is more important than being on track for grade level. My horrible spellers (and I really do mean horrible) have made tremendous progress just from consistent copywork and written narrations. I get a lot of “mom how do you spell…”, but things are sticking. So even though they have only gotten through X number of passages, those patterns and observations are building spelling skills. They are learning to be more observant of written words and that spills over into all their work. So Just keep plugging along. The passages in book one are worthy of studying, regardless of grade level.

    Eirana Doyle

    Thank you Crystal & Sarah! Taking both things you said into great consideration. 🙂

    Heather Robbins

    If you are feeling the need to bump ahead, you could have them read a passage, if they think they can spell all the words, move on to the next passage. Just an idea. We just started SW, so I have no real experience in this area!


    I moved my 8th grader from book two back to book one of ULW/SW about two months ago because he needed the grammar instruction. It has also improved his dictation since he is more relaxed with the easier passages. He wasn’t always able to spell correctly when using book two. I do have him do a lesson everyday though so that we move through quicker and since it takes him about ten minutes right now. Once he gets to the longer passages then he will spread a lesson out over two days if needed. He doesn’t do any other grammar or copywork but does still do written narrations.  You can absolutely skip ahead to where each child is going to be comfortable and challenged. I don’t think they will necessarily miss out on anything important by not completing each exercise.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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