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    Does anyone have a link to a pronunciation guide for the names in The Golden Goblet? I’m reading it to my son, but there are so many names I’m not sure how pronounce and it causes me to stumble and kills the flow of the story. I wasn’t able to find a guide, but it’s an old book so I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

    New to Charlotte Mason and appreciate any assistance.


    I am reading The Golden Goblet with my 6th grader right now. It is our 2nd time, but he was in kinder I think so he doesn’t remember. I cannot help too much with accurate pronunciation, except to say they are ancient Egyptian names so maybe it doesn’t really matter. I pronounce them the best I can figure and just remain consistent. Its not like our kids will encounter Ranofer or Gebu in life and mess up the pronunciation right. I suspect they are names the author  made up so unless you ask her directly I think we are on our own. You could listen to an audio version for a chapter or two just to get their pronunciation.


    I did the same, picked a pronunciation that I could be consistant with and stuck with it.

    Pronunciations is one reason I really like the audio version of Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors through SCM. It helped so much to listen and follow along in the book knowing the pronunciations were correct.


    We’ve read the audio book and Ranofer was pronounced Ron-efer (like heifer). And Gebu was just Ge-boo (with a short e like in get) .  Hope that helps!


    Ink Dipped Moon

    Goodness I feel so silly now. We love audio books and I have no idea why I didn’t think of that. My son really likes to find “correct pronunciation” for names. Usually it’s just a quick goggle “how do you pronounce”, but that wasn’t working here.

    I know he’s unlikely to encounter anyone with the name and in that case in the future, I should probably just pronounce with certainty in my best effort and move on.

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