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  • Has anyone used Charlotte mason method – using North Atlantic Regional High School? If so, Please can you share what you submitted at end of year for credit approval.

    For those that do not know NARHS:

    “NARHS recognizes and evaluates high school credit whether the student did the work at a school or not. We extend this to include homeschoolers — offering credentials to homeschoolers for their high school work.

    We are a state-recognized private school, accredited at the highest level possible in the United States,  offering to evaluate the coursework of high school students (and adults), and upon adequate documentation and evidence, we grant high school credits for homeschool work.

    We are NOT an online school.  Students may select curriculum that works best for them.  We can provide guidance in text-selection…” an excerpt from their website.


    I have never heard of NARHS, but I know colleges accept students who have had a CM education and whose transcripts may not look traditional. There are sample transcripts in SCMs high school handbook (cant remember the name of it) and also transcript help on Ambleside and HSLDA. SCM also has a description of work completed in their history guides and credit suggestions. Could you just use something like that? A page count and number of maps, narrations etc? Are you required to have your high school credits evaluated and approved where you live? I am in CA and that is not required here.  Sorry I am not helpful at all.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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