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    Can anyone explain to me what specific apps I might be able to utilize in homeschooling with an ipad that I can not get as web site links or on web sites on my laptop? 

    I’m not “getting” the nature of the ipad!  Why do I want one?  Is it just because you have one?  Tongue out


    My mother recently bought me an iPad, and the thing we mostly enjoy about it is that we can read ebooks and digital books much more comfortably. Instead of all of us gathering around the computer, now we can relax together on the couch with the iPad. I like a lot of the public domain books, so we actually read them a lot more now. And all those low cost ebooks I never wanted to bother with because of printing are now wonderful!

    There are a lot of cool apps, but I have really just enjoyed the portability of the iPad. The girls use it in the car for reading, puzzles, or games. With the Netflix app, movies are easy. It’s also nice to look something up quickly without having to log on to the computer. Oh, and I love looking up a recipe and setting my iPad on the counter while I cook. Pandora is nice too, and there are a few podcasts I like to listen to.


    There are a lot of games and puzzles you cannot play online that you can on an iPad.  DD actually learned all her African countries last year using the iPad.  Before we had one I really didn’t grasp what all the craze was about.  DH thought it would be great for homeschooling, and while I knew there were a few apps out there, I had no idea all the great ones we would use.  I can tell you now that we use the iPad a LOT!  We use it as an e-reader as mentioned above, and the kids love playing games that help to reinforce what they are learning.  We also have some games that are not necessarily educational that the kids like to play for fun.  In addition, my 2 y/o has started playing on the iPad.  We love the Starfall website, but the app allows him to play w/o me having to click everything for him.  He is able to touch it and move through the app on his own unless a game is too challenging for him.

    Another thing that we love is that the iPad is so much lighter weight than a laptop.  I can take it to bed with me and log on the internet or check my email w/o having to fool with opening a laptop, booting it up, and later shutting it down and then putting it away.  The laptop seems bulky compared to an iPad for things like this, but an iPad will not replace a computer for all the memory and large hard drive.  The iPad is just more portable. 

    Doug Smith

    As others have said, the iPad is extremely portable so it’s easy to use on the couch or around the kitchen table.

    We have found that the iPad tends to be a much more social device than a computer; even a laptop. I think that’s because it’s so easy to turn it and showthings to others (it always makes the screen right side up however you turn it) or hand it to someone else. It’s also easy to have others gather around and touch something on the screen to interact, whereas a computer you pretty much have to be in front of the keyboard.

    It’s a great tool for school because you can quickly read (iBooks), look up facts or definitions on the web, view interactive maps (Google Earth is so nice when you can touch it), listen to music or foreign language lessons, etc. Plus there are lots of nature field guide apps (i.e., iBird Pro, Audubon guides) and household helpers like recipe apps (Paprika).

    For many people an iPad can be a primary computer. Karen uses hers that way for writing and proofing SCM books with Sonya. She does have the wireless keyboard that she uses only for heavy typing.


    Fave apps:

    Tap Quiz Maps

    Montessori Approach to Geography (different editions for different continents)

    Fizz Brain Apps Cursive

    Marble Math & MM Jr.

    Bob Books

    Various Sandra Boynton books


    Sound Literacy

    Whirly Word

    Leaf Snap

    Plus many more.


    Ok!  I see we have some love flowing for the iPad.  Laughing  Thanks for helping me see what it was all about … interesting uses.

    I’m still thinking about it, but truthfully the last thing we need (kids and adults included) is another device we can play “games” on … educational or not!  Or another device that takes us away from one another!  Maybe that’s more of what I’m thinking. 



    Claire, I completely understand your POV. My iPad is used extensively for schooling purposes. It also has replaced carrying suitcases of books for me on long trips. I could school without it, but I wouldn’t want to. 😉 the map apps are our map drill. The cursive app is dd5’s cursive practice, etc. that and gathering around for a variety of educational videos make it very worthwhile for us.

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