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    I am trying to learn to teach our daughter who is beginning 10th grade right now with Charlotte Mason methods. I am having an awful time trying to find good literary resources for a spine book or curriculum for U.S. History and for science as well. First of all, Paul Johnson’s book A History of the American People has been highly recommended to me by some, but I am concerned our daughter, who is an average to above average student might find this too advanced that she will not enjoy it as much as I want. She is not a real eager learner when it comes to academics so I need help, please. I have been considering Paul Johnson’s A History of the American People for the spine and using suggestions from Ambleside Online, also, Peter Marshall’s The Light and the Glory series have been suggested but these only go through the Civil war period. Another friend mentioned Notgrass’s Exploring America but since this is a text book curriculum will this be dry and boring to our daughter like many text book histories are? Then I have seen William Bennett’s 3 book series on American history recommended but we are Protestants and I heard this might not be as good with a biblical worldview plus it contains some bad language. Our daughter really likes the way The Mystery of History history books are written, so engaging and from a biblical perspective. Is there anything like this at the high school level for U.S. History? I have heard great things about King’s Meadow’s American Culture course as well with Dr. George Grant’s lectures. Can some of you tell me if you have used any of these with an average to a bit above average student who needs something very interesting in order to enjoy learning and how this worked for you? Or I would gladly welcome other suggestions. Also, our daughter liked Apologia science in the elementary years but not at the high school level. What other suggestions are there for biology and other high school sciences that are really good? Thank you! I am praying for wisdom from the Lord but feel rather overwhelmed right now.

    My oldest used the American History by Era series. It is a collection of different essays from different points of view. She learned a lot but the reading is advanced.


    You might get some ideas from Epikardia.


    How about A History of the United States and Its People by Edward Eggleston?


    Have you considered Truthquest History guides in your study of U.S. History? The highschool guides would be Age of Revolution 1,2 & 3. For science if you don’t plan on Apologia, have you seen the 101 series? Blessings, Heather


    Thank you, ladies for all the suggestions.  I will check on these!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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