HELP! Chronological History/Bible?

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  • Okay..once again I seem to have complicated EVERYTHING! I want to combine my children as much as possible BUT, my older daughters are wanting more to do, more to read, more to do on their own. So..I purchased a used Sonlight 6, World History, for my older girls, lots of books to read and a schedule they can follow. It uses Foster books and poetry and Story of the World for History.

    My question is this, my younger ones (11, and 7) are not going to be able keep up w/ what the older girls want to do. My son, 11, is closer in “grade level” or whatever to my 7 year old than my 14 and 13 year olds…if that makes sense. I don’t feel like I can put him in w/ the older girls but he is still ahead of the 7 year old so….I am really struggling w/ how to combine when my older girls really want to move ahead faster than what I can go w/ the younger ones.

    So…I want to do the Genesis/Joshua/ AE book from SCM, I already have that. I want to do History Chronologically, not sure the Sonlight will be “strictly” chronological but I was told it was pretty much. Do you think I can do the SCM w/ everyone while letting the girls go on the Sonlight books or have I just complicated this too much. I have too many things I “want” to do.

    I want to do Phonics Museum w/ my younger daughters but it is pretty time consuming but they would love it..I wanted to do the VP Histoy/Bible Cards but…you see my dilema. Why do I make this so hard?

    I really LOVE the simplicity of the SCM Guides, love it, love they the Geography Book will be included in the next series. Am I nuts to want to combine that w/ the Sonlight books? I don’t plan on using the Sonlight per there schedule exactly, we are going to use it as a guide, having all the books on hand and use it to fit us. I plan on using the SCM organizer, WHICH I LOVE, to help schedule things in, only using the Sonlight IG as a help at times.

    Okay…that was probably very confusing. I think I am placing too much importance in chronology? Trying to make everything fit.

    I had thought about doing American History w/ the younger kids as I think it is important for them to understand where we live and all about America but…

    Okay..I could keep going but will spare you all the confusion..ha! Thanks in advance for your input!


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    Hi Kim,

    The way we do history is to have a read-aloud spine which we do all together and then the children have their own readings in the same time period. My eldest will sometimes do more research on a person or event after we read together and she will gain more information through this extra research. My eldest two have extra readings in the same time period which they write narrations about in their history notebooks and they find pictures etc to add to this.

    So, maybe it would work to have your family history time – but keep it fairly short – then assign as much extra reading as you think relevant to the older children and give them specific assignments to do which revolve around their extra readings. For example, you could have them write a play about an event in their history that they could then stage. Maybe they could design a poster advertising a period of history or write a newspaper page as if it was published in those times. This way, their desire for extra independent work and reading is met while you are still keeping everyone on the same page.

    Just some thoughts,


    Betty Dickerson

    We do what Linda does and it really seems to work well. Truthquest history guides really help with finding extra books for each time period that the kids can do on their own. It ties in Biblical world view as well. I’m sure the SCM guide or book finder can also find other books for the older ones to read on their own. G.A. Henty books are great if your older ones need some challenge. We’ve stopped where we are in our spine (Punic War) and are listening to the Young Carthaginian by Henty as a family (we travel alot) for our history. I didn’t want to get past the Punic Wars in our reading and then still be in the Punic Wars with our audio.

    You sound alot like me. I get overwhelmed with all the good stuff out there, but less is really better. Maybe you could assign some of those readers to the kids and you stick with a spine (you said you have Story of the World). I don’t think I could add more to Linda’s suggestions.

    Blessings to ya,


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