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    Hello Everyone!

    I was wondering if you all could give me some tips and advice on how to organize my books.  I am casual about our school schedule and routine however I can not function if everything doesnt have a place and if everything is not in its place.  I love CM bc we get to read so many great books but the problem is that we own so many great books!  I have also now aquired a liking for collecting books to go alond with the ones already scheduled!  For example: my dd(8) studied Paddle to the Sea last year and that lead me to find a living book about the discovery of the NorthWest.  Then we read Tree in the Trail and that lead to another 5 books to go along with it.  We are only in Year 2 of AO and I already own so many books that I don’t know what I own and what I don’t or what goes with what.  Am I making sense?

    I invision some sort of spreadsheet or something that lists all the books we own with each book’s category (History, Science, Geography), time period, etc., and where the book is located.  But then how do I put my books on the shelves?  The questions just go on and on in my mind! I have read that some people just pull out the books that they will be reading for the year but that wont work for us and I keep adding to what we’re reading so I need a much more organized system.  I wish I were computer savy enough to just write my own propram!

    Thanks in advance!



    I use Bookpedia for cataloging my 5000+ volumes. I use the location field to indicate where I’ve stored the book. I shelve individual years of school books on year of use shelves. Others are shelved by topic.

    Lesley Letson

    My house is virtually walled with bookshelves 🙂 I just keep all like books together. I have all of our storybooks, poetry, literature, Bible books on shelves with collections grouped together and the youngest ones on the bottom so little ones can reach. As far as school specific books, I have the following shelves/sections: graded readers (pathway, McGuffey, Bob books, etc), science/nature,, general history and geography(if it covers multiple time periods/places), history/geography for the time period we are in, biographies, art/music, all my teacher books, math and language readers/storybooks. Each child has a basket with his workbooks, sketchbooks, whathaveyous in it. We also have a cart that we keep all our library books in so they don’t get mixed in with ours. This year I did have to box up history books from the last time period we did to make room for this one – but when we revisit that time period in a few years, they will be all together waiting on me! I also have the program Delicious Library on my computer where I have a record of everything we have. this is helpful for finding what resources i have by searching the program first, it also helps with loaning to others,i can keep up with who has what – not to mention, if the house ever burned, i have records for insurance! Is that sort of what you were asking?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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