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    I have 5 kids but homeschooling only two. I was looking around and stumbled upon The Original McGuffeys Eclectic First Reader (McGuffey’s Readers) and McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling Book (McGuffey Readers). Are any of these good to teach a 6yr old to read and write or do i need something else to go with it OR something else?

    I see positive reviews for it too on amazon.




    We use the readers.  I have the “newer” blue and gold set.  I use Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook in place of the speller, but I believe they are very similar.  I have a 3-step process I use with my DC:

    1. Teaching letter sounds: I prefer ETC Primers for this step, since they have just a tiny amount of writing/coloring each lesson and my DC have enjoyed the lessons.  Homemade letter cards, blocks, and games are great too.
    2. Blending: They learn to combine the letter cards into CVC type words.  Two of my DC picked up on this instantly, two needed a bit of practice, so we spent a couple weeks on it.
    3. Reading:  After they get blending, we alternate with the speller/handbook and McGuffey Primer.  My youngest reader made a “dictionary” of her new words.  I wrote them in highlighter, then she traced over in pencil.  Handwriting & phonics in one lesson!  Halfway through the reader, I start to add in some more colorful readers like Frog & Toad or Little Bear.

    I have added phonics workbooks with the 3rd stage, mostly because they want more school at that age, not because I think it’s needed.  I try to find one with little writing involved like ETC.  My 6yo is using Core Skills Phonics, which doesn’t have much writing either.  We stop with the daily lessons around 3rd or 4th grade, but I continue to have my older DC read aloud for Bible or poetry.  I think reading aloud well is a great skill to have as an adult, so it’s a big priority here.  I’d love to continue with them reading the McGuffey readers through high school, but it’s been easier just to have them read aloud from our other subjects.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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