Have U heard of either of these?

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    I was looking online for a couple things and stumbled on these 2 items. They seem interesting but I am wondering if anyone has heard or them or seen them.

    1st one is a book The Terrestria Chronicles? They are to books writen to strengthen our bond with Jesus. They have a free download of one and it seems interesting enough for boys (which I have 5) http://www.talesofcastles.com

    The 2nd is a cute short lesson on Home Economics and Lessons in Resposibliity for Boys. Again they are simple once a week ideas and I thought it would be fun and possibly do the Economics during summer and like holiday breaks. The lessons for boys is a nice outline that I could spend some one on one with them aas we read. http://www.pearables.com

    Just wondering if you know of them Good or Bad. I hate to buy things before I can hold them (visual learner here).

    Thanks as always for your thoughts



    Hi there Misty!

    Wow- those tales of Terrestria Chronicles look great for boys! Thank you for sharing these with us. However, we’ve never read them so I’m looking forward to hearing if anyone else has.

    We have read the Pearables of the Kingdom series by Pearables and absolutely LOVE them. I’m sure the other books are good as well. They are very Godly and simple in nature.

    I look forward to hearing others comments on these.

    Blessings & Hugs,




    Thank you for your input. I really liked the boys books and now I know that it will be a good investment with knowing that someone as used there products before and thought there quality is worth the money.

    I am still hoping to hear from someone about the Terrestria books, otherwiase I might just get the 1st one and give it a read and see what I think. They seem very Christian based and I love the idea of the stories really incourage the kids to honor Jesus through there ability to love and serve him.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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