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    I want to thank the SCM staff for such a wonderful place to fellowship and glean from such great posters. I also want to thank everyone here that offers up questions as I learn from you and those that post to them. And last but not least thank you to everyone one that post responses. I have learned so much from all of you. My homeschool is better than it has ever been because of this place and because of you.


    I concur! I appreciate so much the encouragement and sound advice that I have received from those who frequent this forum. When I have thrown a question into the mix I have always received a prompt and thorough reply which just amazes me since you are busy teaching! What servant hearts you all have. You have my sincere appreciation. Brooke


    Ok, wow! I didn’t even know this was here until I got the email about it’s anniversary! Congrat’s too all the TOP POSTERS, too! I hope to be able to visit and gain insight here!! How exciting!


    Yes- Happy Birthday! I consider myself so blessed to be a part of this forum. What great encouragment and blessing you all are ~ truly! 🙂 I’m devoted for life!

    Thank you SCM!


    –> 7blessings wrote: “What servant hearts you all have.”

    I agree 100%, starting at the top with Sonya’s (and team) untiring and humble assistance – down to every poster who shares their experience and/or wisdom. This is what holds me to this forum. Everyone is also so kind and respectful in their responses.

    –> Sonya wrote (in her most recent SCM e-mail): “….we launched the Simply Charlotte Mason community forum with the prayer that it would be a place of encouragement, grace, and help for all those using the Charlotte Mason method.”

    And this is exactly what SCM has been for me! I’ve learned so much through SCM’s website and forum. Thank you and HAPPY LAUNCH-DAY!

    Ps: I thank SCM once again for the free e-book offered as one of the top 10 post-ers. We hadn’t planned on purchasing the title we selected until next summer, but once we get to it and my two older girls are raving about it, I’ll add a review to the Pet Store Math. It looks like they’ll be having alot of fun (from the look-over I gave it), so I won’t be surprised if they request another ‘store’ once they complete the first. 😉

    May God continue to bless SCM and allow your talents to bear much fruit.

    Doug Smith

    I just realized that some may be visiting here at the forum without knowing what this is all about.

    A few days ago we posted about the one year anniversary of this forum and publicly thanked the top 10 contributors here:


    A big thank you to not only those in the top 10, but also to every one of you who have become part of this wonderful online community.


    Happy Birthday! And thanks so much for Jack’s Insects. My 11yo swiped it as soon as it came and so I’m still looking forward to reading it.




    LOL, Cindy, my 12yo instantly disappeared with my copy.

    This is a terrific community and I’m delighted to be a part of it and so thankful that SCM has provided it for us.

    Michelle D


    Thank you SCM I love this site and am so grateful to find it. I have my new history handbook printed and looking forward to another great year thanks to you and your staff. Looking back it must have been God’s timing, cause I found this site just about a year ago.




    I too have been sososo blessed by this website. My pregnant brain is far too tired to be typing right now, but I needed to respond to this post! Thank you to the team for this site…it is one of my daily visits…it has added so much claryfication where I had so many questions! Thank you SCM!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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