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    I am new to SMC curriculum. My two kids who will be using the curriculum have been using HWT.  My son finished the first grade printing book last year.  Not sure what book to start him in. I am thinking copybook 2, as copybook 1 seems like the printing is huge. Thoughts? As for my daughter, she did the first HWT cursive book last year. I am planning to order the printing to cursive book, but it also seems huge when I look at the sample.  Maybe this is just how it looks on the computer? Thoughts on this?






    My daughter is 7, her print is wonderful and she is learning cursive. She has some experience with it because last year we dabbled in NAM from Memoria Press. I don’t think the “font” is huge. Why don’t you print a page from the sample? You’ll have a better idea. I really like the print to Cursive program.

    Karen Smith

    I’m not sure what HWT covers in their first cursive book, but if your daughter knows how to write all the letters in lowercase and uppercase in cursive, then she is beyond Print to Cursive Proverbs. A better fit might be our  Hymns in Prose Copybook in cursive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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