Hands On Activities for Ancient History

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    I’m planning to do SCM’s Ancient History this fall with my second grader. Does anyone know of any good hands-on activities or crafts/handicrafts that would correlate with some of the lessons? Just one or two per term might be fun!

    *I’ve seen Hands and Hearts History (or something like that) mentioned here before, but I believe they’re out of business now, but something like that would be awesome!

    Tamara Bell

    We have a “links & tips” tab about 1/3 of the way down each history guide’s page.  You will find a link to additional book and activity suggestions there.  🙂


    All three of mine have loved mummifying an apple. It’s very easy, and you can find directions online.  My youngest was the most detailed: based onj our research, she wrapped her apple mummy in gauze bandages, painted the bandages with melted beeswax, and drew a face on it. This was last year, but she is adamant that we keep it, so it “lives” on our kitchen island. 😛

    We have also enjoyed learning about heiroglyphs and trying our hand at writing them. One of my favorite ancient history experiences many years ago was going to a local museum that had an ancient Egypt exhibit and seeing the fragments of plaster walls with heiroglyphs on them. This was the first time I’d thought about the idea that different scribes had different heiroglyphic penmanship, because they did!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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