Handicrafts for lacking fine motor control

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    Any ideas for handicrafts for a kid that does not have fine motor control?


    Sonya Shafer

    We’ve had pretty good success with knitting with large needles and yarn, and braiding (to make a braided rag rug).


    I was thinking of weaving for my kiddos.



    If you are on Pinterest at all look up ‘weaving preschool’.  You’ll quickly see examples of using burlap to make a weaving table, or chicken wire in a frame, or sticks and yarn, lots of possibilities.  I like that you can begin with something that has a very large open weave like the chicken wire, then work to using a tapestry needle (they are thick and blunt) in smaller openings like the burlap.  And I really think it appeals to all ages.

    Oh, I’ve also seen burlap type fabric placed between two thick pieces of cardboard (think paper plates that are thicker).  First you cut out a shape in the plates, then sandwich the burlap between the plates, staple or glue it together.  They become a frame holding the fabric stretched and a little more maneuverable for some kids than using a hoop.

    Also, candlemaking.  I’m thinking specifically of dipping candles.


    Thank you all. I love these ideas.


    I tend to think of the crazy and messier projects. My kids love homemade playgough made with cornstarch and add koolaid to smell/look good. The enjoy rolling “snakes” and then cutting them apart with scissors, then there is the flour/rice mixture that goes on a cookie sheet with sides and they can play with little tractors, especially a small bulldozer and wagon to fill with payloader. Also, we have been known to play legoes for hours while I read aloud. To put together and take apart legoes takes an amazing amount of finger strength. I let the children us butter knives to pry them apart as the dentist noticed a year ago 3 children with chipped front teeth! All from prying legoes apart with their teeth. The hazards with play. Yikes! Hope these ideas help. the kids also have to do all the clean-up, even the babysitting kids, aged 2, 3 and 4. A big team of cleaners! Martha

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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