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    Does anyone have any good recommendations on handicraft catalogs?  I am wanting to look into getting some things for the winter months when we will be “stuck” inside more. 


    Keepers of the Faith has some neat kits.


    I just received Rainbow Resources Christmas Catalog; It has lots of handicraft ideas.


    Thanks so much for the ideas.  I am going to check them out now.  I’m looking forward to some new stuff. Laughing

    Rachel White

    Nature’s Workshop PLus has many science projects and art projects in their catalog and website.

    and go to online store and you will see the categories.

    Dover also has some paper crafts (like origami and paper crafts) available, among other inexpensive books to teach you how to do other things.



    Also, check out Hearthsong and their sister site, Magic Cabin.


    I echo the suggestion for Hearth Song and Magic Cabin.  Unlike many “kids’ crafts”, they mostly use high quality materials and yield a product worth the time.  Rolling and decorating beeswax candles is a very simple and satisfying craft.  A local candle supply store or beekeeper may sell you the beeswax sheets more cheaply, or you can order them from Magic Cabin.  They have lots of other fun projects.  They used to have a fun kit to make beautiful flowers from wired variegated ribbon, but the kit has unfortunately been discontinued.  However, I’m sure there are books or online instructions available.  If you’re ambitious and like history, you could dip beeswax candles.  There is a magazine with similar lovely projects called Living Crafts.  (  (Some of you may object to its anthroposophical leanings (Waldorf education, etc.) )  Even Martha Stewart sometimes has great kid-doable projects that produce really worthwhile projects that anyone would be proud to give.  Fairly young children can learn to make their own drop spindles and spin fleece into yarn, or make their own knitting needles and knit a scarf.  Boy Scout and Girl Scout handbooks and other literature also give helpful craft ideas.  Search Press and Lark Books have some great craft books, mostly too hard for littles, though.  But fun for mom—I learned how to knit a farm and do paper quilling and paper making, embroider silk ribbon flowers, do stumpwork, etc.  I loved my book on embroidering the Flower Fairies.  When my children were little, some of the most popular-with-grandparents gifts were things like fabric crayon drawings on pillows, or ceramic paint on dishes.  Unlike with many crafts, there was nothing frustrating about it, they could just draw or paint, yet the product is worth having.  Best wishes, Sue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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