Handbook of Nature Study Hour Challenge ???

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    I know this has been discussed alot, nature study, that is, but I have a question specifically related to this product.

    She has a Summer ebook, with challenges, and a Bundle (all the seasons) starting from last fall (bundle is cheaper than then purchasing them separately, of course). And, she has a 10 Hour Challenge ebook that is a sort of “try it out first” variety of challenges.

    My question is: Is the 10 Hour Challenge worth it or is the bundle better?? If I purchased anything right now, I think I would like the Summer one since it is officially Summer tomorrow and would be until late Sept. I figure it would be worth the $9.95. Also, I’m wondering if her bundle is updated yearly?? Would the new bundle, beginning in Sept., be worth the purchase (it is $29.95)??

    I feel that I really need some hand-holding in this area. Even if I write out all the great ideas that everyone gives, have it on our calendar, even have a place to go, I lack focus, tangible ideas or something. I love nature and love to be outdoors, but I just can’t seem to pull this together and I’m super jealous over everyone else’s notebooks. We did do Outdoor Secrets and that was so helpful to me with my young ones. And, they love nature, too, (well, my oldest needs encouragement, but that’s not going to be a problem).

    Thanks in advance.



    Does she still have some of the challenges free on her website? If she does you might get a good feel for what they are like if you look at those. 

    Where I am located, summer lasts so long that a summer set of challenges would probably be very helpful. I don’t have the exact one you are talking about (maybe summer wasn’t available when I purchased?) but I do always feel that I get a lot for my money when I purchase from her.

    One thing for us about the Challenges is that there are a lot of notebook pages provided, and for some reason my boys don’t prefer to fill in prescribed notebook pages; they prefer a blank page that they design themselves. But I still tend to think the cost is worth it since I’m happy to have good ideas for nature study at my fingertips, especially ones that tie in with the Comstock book.



    Thanks, Jenn, for the reply, just what I needed to hear/read.

    I have used her free challenges, so I’m familiar with her site, and such, but am looking for more, long-term help, lol.

    Our summers are pretty long here so I think the Summer ebook would be great for us. I agree that the cost would be worth it to have ideas at my fingertips, not all over my binders in chicken-scratch.

    Thanks again.


    I have been using the Outdoor Hour Challenges for our nature studies for about 6 months.  I also started with the free ones to get a feel for the process.  In the meantime, I had signed up for her newsletter.  With that, you’ll get weekly challenges that go along with her seasonal study.  You won’t get all of the notebooking pages, but you’ll get enough to do the challenges with your kids if you don’t purchase the season.

    That being said, I do purchase the seasonal studies so I can see them in advance and prepare for them.  This gives me time to look for the flowers, plants, etc, that are coming up in the studies. 

    HTH, Kris


    Thanks Kris. I am starting with the weekly challenge (have signed up for the newsletter awhile back) and will use that for now. But like you, I’d like to have the seasonal study for obvious reasons (I need the help, lol).

    Thanks again.


    When I switched computers I lost a lot of my saved stuff from this site, including the link. Does anyone have the link that you could post for me again? Thanks for the reminder of this great resource. I had so much going on last year that I never did get to the Nature Challenges, but would sure like to this year.

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