Habit training with teens

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    Just wondering if anyone has advice for starting habit training with teens. When the kids were younger I felt like we had a handle on it. The were obedient and kind and dutiful, but now things have gone a bit sideways and I want to be more deliberate. We have never made a real deliberate effort I suppose, other than just attempting to cultivate pleasant people. We have slacked off a bit and now I want to get more serious. I have been reading blog posts here and plan to order Laying Down the Rails, just the main book and DVD, as soon as I can. For now I am trying to just absorb ideas and advice. The main issues we have are respect for each other (they are respectful to adults but quite mean to each other), first time obedience, work ethic/doing things well, self control maybe. Any wisdom that you all can impart would be awesome.





    I’ve used CM’s book Ourselves with my older kids.  The first half is geared toward younger teens and the 2nd half toward older teens.  It has led to interesting discussion with them.


    Older teens or younger teens?  The way I work with my almost 17YO is markedly different than the way I deal with my almost 13YO.


    Thanks for your response Monica. 15 and 12. I also have an almost 10 year old. The 15 year old is a pretty immature guy right now, and my 12 year old is a more mature girl. So generally they are at the same place in most subjects, or very close. And our biggest issue right now is the way they treat each other. First time obedience is another issue we are revisiting, for the 100th time it seems. This is my area of fault as I dont keep up with prompt discipline, rather I wait till I am frustrated and then act like a teen myself  🙁 We had big discussion last night and set up expectations and consequences. It was actually rather fun, at dinner when they started in in each other we made them stop and say the the thing they like most about one another. It was hilarious but they finally came up with something. Maybe not the discipline I was going for, but it did get us all laughing and getting along.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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