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    Has anyone used Guest Hollow Sciences for high school? Does it have enough to count as a years credit? Do you think it is well suited for a right-brained dyslexic teen?


    My 10th grader is using the Biology course.  There is definitely enough there for a year’s credit.  The course gives lots of options to supplement, and you need to pick and choose which ones you will do.  It would be overwhelming to try to do it all!

    We’re not usually fond of on-line courses because we prefer real books, but an advantage to this one is that there are active links right in the book to demonstrate the reading.  This has been valuable for this subject.

    You can choose which labs you want to do, or do none at all.  Some of them are available as virtual labs that you can just watch.

    There is a workbook that can be printed with questions for each chapter and the schedule is very easy to use.  Also, the price is phenomenal for what you get!

    I wish that I would have used it for my dyslexic teen, but I didn’t know about it when he did Biology.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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