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    DD17 is growing weary of Material World and Hungry Planet.  We have used them for a number of years now along with several Visits To…. books.  This year, we are going through Visits To Asia.  We like the map work in this book series, so that part is just fine.

    Is there anything anyone could recommend to use in place of MW and HP that would give a little insight into the culture of nations in Asia?  DD also wouldn’t mind something that provides a little more in-depth map work.  She is highly interested in agricultural studies, so even something that would explore the lands from that perspective would be good.  (Growing cycles, predominant crops, livestock, etc.)




    Window on the World

    Eat Your Way Around the World

    I Heard Good News Today: Stories for Children

    An Asian Harvest


    Missionary Stories With the Millers from Milestone Books.

    They also have Mohan in the Jungle


    Operation World is a book about missions that my teens enjoy.

    Drawing Around the World or similar books may be more detailed,  or you could add more details to the Visits to … maps.


    Two of my kids are using Mapping the World with Art by Ellen McHenry.  They draw maps by hand step by step and there is lots of background information on the history of maps and geographical areas.  It’s geared toward jr high and high school ages.


    Look up different missions organizations. Watch videos on their websites, get newsletters. Gospel for Asia is one. Voice of the Martyrs is another. We receive both magazines and learn a lot about those countries. Also look up current events about the country and Maybe have her research something that interests her. There is also Ywam Christian heroes missionary stories and missionary biographies for high school. Their website is or .org.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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