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    My ds has been using English for the Thoughtful Child.  We have been taking our time on it and will be finished with it soon.  I was hoping to concentrate on good literature, copywork as usual while he transitions into a Book of Mottoes (which he will love!), narrations (both oral & written), SW (which he loves!).  I don’t think we need to take off the whole next year from grammar but I thought he could read a few of Ruth Heller’s books, continue with Study Island (online program) and work on polishing his narrations (I have some teacher’s resources we can use for writing/editing). 

    When we pick up 2nd semester, or there about, what would you all suggest??  We have JAG, which I don’t think is his style and the Easy Grammar Plus we have makes me bonkers.  I had my oldest son use it and I would have rather just finished JAG and went into Analytical Grammar instead of the detour we took.  So I’m looking for something that is just grammar without any picture studies, poetry, etc.  He thinks he likes the looks of R&S or Growing w/ Grammar.  And, for those of you that may know…Is Our Mother Tongue for older students??

    Any thoughts??


    We used Intermediate Language Lessons last year with my 5th grader and will use it also for 6th bgrade. I thought that it was just the right amount of work for her age. Picture and poetry recitation is already included so that was helpful for me….we did PLL in years past. One thing that made this curriculum more user friendly for me was purchasing the Teacher’s Guide by Cathreine Andrews and Mary Jane Newcomer.



    I will check that out, thank you!

    I had mentioned that I didn’t want poetry/picture mixed in, but honestly, he loves both, even if it is extra from what we do as a family.  And, I could probably use the poetry memorization exercises, too.

    There are so many options, my eyes are burning from the online researchLaughing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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