Gift for 3, almost 4, year old boy

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    My DS doesn’t have all that many toys (because we have been moving around a lot). I am trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas and his birthday. I want to get something of quality that he will enjoy. I am looking for something “good for him” as in it’s educational or encourages development or creativity, etc. Do any of you have any ideas for me? I’m stumped!




    We haven’t really decided yet, but were thinking about getting our ds3.5 these for Christmas:

    Thought it might be a good fit since his great interests in life include puzzles, building toys, and cars/trucks. This seems to be a mix of all three of those things. =)

    That said, we’re still undecided, so would be interested to see what other ideas people have as well. =)


    Lincoln logs, tinker toys, or a beginner lego set. Also a set of animals is always used for very imaginative play around here. If he likes cars you could keep up the collection and also get a nice, big, car mat with roads and parking, etc. Another thing that went over well for our son was playmobile sets. We started with a medeival castle set. Those are fun and are easy to play with others as well as by yourself. You could also get him some “tools” for playing creatively with playdough.

    Hope that helps,



    These are a few things my ds (now almost 5) liked from his 4th birthday.

    Vtech Reader

    Cardboard building blocks

    Duplo Legos

    He also likes cars and trains.



    We have really like the leapster books with the “pen” that talks.  I can’t think of the exact name but they are everywhere.  My boys have loved those.  Still do at 5.  They use the pen and it will either read the story (stored in pen) or you can put the pen on a word and it tells them the word.  The books are extra but we’ve loved them for many reasons. 


    Great ideas above, plus we always use this website,  We give ideas from there to grandparents, and they have all been great gifts.  Once on the website, click the tab “shop by age”, then choose his age under the boys columns, and it shows the top 20 I think for that age group.  The reviews are helpful as well. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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