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    Just looking for any ideas on geography.  This year we have used Visits to the Middle East.  I think it has been simple and good.  The kids aren’t loving it.  They don’t like the pages that go with Material World and Hungry Planet; they don’t like drawing the maps.  Next year I will have a 7th grader and a 9th grader.  I need to make sure that my 9th grader gets a World Geography credit.  My options: Continue through the Visits to series. Not everything we do in life is exciting but sometimes just needs done.  If we double up one year for my 9th grader she will have done each of the books by the time she finishes 12th grade.  Maybe add in some living books.  Suggestions?  Or, do something else but I am not sure what.  I’ve tried finding something but I haven’t come across anything that seems so simple and covers the location and culture like Visits to.

    Any suggestions?



    Abeka sells a world geography text book for highschool (9th grade I think). It has map work to go with it I think. It is totally not CM, but I loved it as a student. You could certainly add in some novels or other books to it.


    I am using something different for each of my highschoolers.  My son is using  drawing geography books.

    The next one wants to use coloring book geography.  My youngest daughter will cook her way around the world.  I also use Operation World for culture details and a prayer guide.


    For grades 8 & 9, my son is reading Richard Haliburton Book of Marvels as a spine.  I added living books with it that are more modern.  And I ask for a weekly written narration.

    We also play a geography game weekly.  10 Days in Europe and 10 Days in Africa.  These are oop now, but a fun way to learn the maps of the continents, if you can find one at a decent price.  I wish we also had 10 Days in Asia.  Any one want to sell me theirs?

    There are other world geography games you could play in place of map drills.  We also work geopuzzles periodically.


    You could read some living books for geography, like Book of Marvels, as Wings2fly suggested, and add in online map drills from

    My kids love those online map drills.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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