Genesis to Deut. for 1 grader

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    I recently purchased the Genesis through Deut. for Module 1 to teach my first grader this coming year.  Is hasn’t arrived yet.  What exactly are the books that I need for first grade?  I’m a little confused.  Specifically for a first grader I see Boy of the Pyramids and Pharoah’s Boat (which is labelled optional), a bible (I’m assuming that any bible I choose will work?) and True Stories of Noah’s Ark. 

    If he is the only one I am teaching, which of the Family Books do I really need?  Is Letters From Egypt the only one that I could leave off for a 1st grader?  Looks like I need all the family History books, Bible books and the Leisure Reading (Material World and Hungry Planet)?

    Help please!  I just want to make sure that I get all the books that I need.  Thanks so much.


    Sonya Shafer

    Let’s see, Jenn. If you are teaching only a first grader, here are my thoughts on the books. (This is detailed in the handbook for those of you who already have your copies.)

    Definitely Need

    • Oxford First Ancient History
    • Pyramid
    • The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs
    • Then and Now Bible Maps
    • either Uncle Josh’s Outline Maps or a blank outline map of Africa from the Internet
    • Bible
    • Boy of the Pyramids
    • True Story of Noah’s Ark

    Optional (and why)

    • Letters from Egypt (the writing style might be too much for a first grader; download the sample and see what you think for your particular child)
    • Material World and Hungry Planet (these books I just have on my coffee table for the kids to look through whenever they want to; you could collect them later if you want, but they aren’t written into the lesson plans)
    • Exodus and Numbers commentaries (I loved the insights these books gave, but reading all the chapters of both books might be a little much for a first grader; check out the sample pages at or and see what you think; you could get them for your own benefit and read portions as desired)
    • Pharaoh’s Boat (gives more detail on a topic that you will introduce in Oxford First Ancient History; fascinating book, but you could do just the intro if you wanted to; also, check your library for this one)
    • The Child’s Story Bible (mentioned as an option only for those Old Testament accounts that might be difficult to make suitable for a younger child; if you can summarize the account in a suitable way, you wouldn’t need this book)

    Does that help or just muddy the waters?


    No, that makes it perfectly clear!  Thanks so much Sonya.  I look forward to getting my books 🙂  Book buying is WAY too much fun.



    Is there any book that can be substituted for Boy of the Pyramids? I can’t get it at the library and I can’t find it for less than $20 online. Do you know at what point in the guide we will begin using it and I may try the interlibrary loan? It just takes forever and I want to see how early I can try to get it. Or would there be something I can use as a substitute?


    Boy of the Pyramids is only 8.95 as an ebook from SCM or 12.95 for the book on SCM.  My girls loved it so much and if you can afford it I would definately not substitute.  If you can’t get it, they will survive, but it is a great book.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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