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    For what it’s worth about Latin…When I took Latin in college, my instructor wasn’t too interested in pronunciation. He said it’s a dead language and no one really speaks it anyway. It’s useful to learn Latin, but don’t let pronunciation get in your way.

    I think the Roman Catholic clergy speak Latin in Vatican City. ?

    CM mom

    We use Rosetta Stone German Version 2. My son began in 6th grade and my daughter in 9th. They used the free program via our library for two years, then took a year off, and began again with our own copy last year. We also have a United Streaming subscription and they watch Henning House, Extra German, and German Tops (a game show).


    We use Rosetta Stone Vietnamese. We are doing this because we are anticipating moving to Vietnam and I wanted to get our kids at least somewhat familiar with the language. Immersion will do the rest 😉

    I do have to say the support from Rosetta has been really good… I wanted to customize our program to focus on listening with identification of a picture or the written words (or vise a versa) rather than oral production or writing. The tech helped me set up a customized course of study within the program to meet my objectives.

    Once we move and are settled in country and more comfortable with the local dialect of the language I hope to add French.

    I am also working on Latin with my 11yo… using Ecce Romani (recommended by Catherine Levinson). It is based on a storyline too but if I hadn’t already had 2 years of Latin myself I would find it quite challenging. I am going to check out Sonya’s suggestion and see how it compares.

    We also use the Rummy Roots… it is a fun game and we use it as a “reward” for reading our passage. My younger ones saw us playing one day and now some of them join in too!

    LangLearner  there are so many ways and means to learn foreign languages and the only way to become truly fluent in foreign languages is to have the determination to learn them! Without determination, there is no use of being exposed to all the language learning techniques available in the world today. However, if you would want to start on building up your vocabulary, you can try out the techniques above. I’m learning Languages with this tool  it’s very helpful and I hope it helps you.


    Does the Getting Started with Spanish have pictures? I cannot tell from their sample pages if they do. A Spanish speaking friend of mine was concerned if it didn’t have pictures to help the children learn the language.

    I really am interested in this program or The Easy Spanish (IF there aren’t any errors still!). I speak very little Spanish since I only took 1 semester in High School. I had to learn some phrases when I worked with Mexican prek students but it’s all forgotten now.



    Rachel White

    I have rummy roots but haven’t used them yet.

    We (myself, ds-9, and dd-8) learn Hebrew. The reason is, first, that we are a Messianic Jewish family. Secondly, it is G-d’s Holy Tongue and I ultimately want, at least my son, to be able to read The Scripture in Hebrew (inc. Matthew) and understand the root words,(therefore the larger meaning of the text) of the Greek and Aramaic used in the rest of the books. Greek is limited in it’s description of Hebraic thought at times in Scripture. The third reason is that the ability to read The Scripture in Hebrew and to be able to speak modern Hebrew will afford my children greater  freedom to be amongst Israelis and share the Good News among the Hebrew speaking population and esp. the Orthodox community. That area is more specifically what is in my mind’s eye for my son.

    Come next year, I want my son to move into Latin, then Greek (my dd a year or so after him). Latin for the reason expressed by others; better understanding of English, composition and spellings capabilities enhanced, etc…Greek for the reading of most of the New Convenant books, perhaps venturing into the Septuagint, since Paul and the Greek speaking Jews would have read that translation of the Tanakh (OT). Also, as the educated generations before us who founded our Republic could read the republican classics in Greek, I think it would benefit my children as well. It’s vitally important to me that my children know The Scripture and know the roots of our Republic and IMO, the most effective way is for them to know what our Founders knew.

    We use materials from Behrman House for Hebrew; started with Let’s Discover the Alef Bet, then Shalom Alef Bet, and Shalom Uvrachah so far. I have the Let’s Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary, a regular Hebrew/English Dic., and of course, Jewish music. Then they have the liturgy on Shabbat. We have a Hebrew card game, the third book in Behrman House’s Hebrew has a cd-rom to go with it. I want to add in a Hebrew narration of Scripture on audio when I can afford it.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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