Foerster of Jacob’s Algebra?

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    Any thoughts on Foerster or Jacob’s Algebra?  Why do you prefer one over the other?   If you have used one or both, why did you choose it and what do you like most about it?

    I like what I see about Jacob’s Algebra but Maria Miller’s review on the Math Mammoth website states: “Jacobs’ algebra is also on the easy side, as far as CONTENT goes. While it does have the same chapters as any regular algebra book, in several topics, it does not cover the same depth as Foerster’s or other algebra books.”  I want a good solid math program that will prepare my children for college and the SAT and ACT tests.

    Foerster also seems good and I like that it is known to be a good solid program. Maria Miller’s review for Foerster states: “Foerster’s approach is very analytical and logical, relying on mathematical thinking—which can be very good for students who are going into sciences.”   One of my children does very well with her math.  She is always scoring in the 90-100% range and mostly self teaches with Math Mammoth.  My other child does not like math and struggles more with it.  I would not consider her a mathematical thinker.  But, I don’t want to short her on exposure to concepts and learning the information to be ready for college.

    Paula Spicer

    We used foeresters algebra last year.   We really liked it.  Our background was through CLE math 8 and the transition went well.  The explanations of foersters were really good and there were funny jokes in there that added a bit of humor.  We did use the HSC companion alongside it for some chapters. But looking back, not enough to where I would buy that again.  I can’t remember about the details of the book, just that I enjoyed it and it was one of those subjects that I was really dreading having to teach.

    As for Jacobs, I have no information about their algebra.  But we’re using their geometry right now, and I do not like it at all.  It could be that I can’t stand geometry with those stinking proofs!



    Thank you for your review!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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